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It’s tempting to assume that sloping-front enclosures always lead cosseted lives on office desks, never to venture beyond them. And that they’re untroubled by the hard knocks endured by their industrial counterparts.

But that’s far from the truth. Nowadays, these desktop enclosures can find themselves in much more challenging locations. Many sloping-front enclosures can end up in light industrial workplaces or in healthcare settings.

On the face of it, healthcare may not sound too demanding an environment for electronic enclosures…but the reality is very different. Hospitals operate 24/7 and this relentlessness can be quite punishing when it comes to electronics. The medical sector also requires enclosures to be assembled with tamperproof Torx screws. It’s a world away from the average nine-to-five office where the biggest threat is a coffee spillage.

So today’s modern sloping-front enclosures have moved on significantly from their predecessors (though many of those remain popular today). Not least because the average desktop enclosure may not end up on a desk at all. That’s because its inclined top makes it ideal for wall-mounted keypads for applications such as security and access control. It could also be mounted vertically on a machine. So it’s preferable if the desk and wall units share a common design language.

There’s a lot to think about when specifying the best sloping-front enclosure for your electronics: size/capacity, ergonomics, aesthetics, materials, robustness, ingress protection, flammability resistance, choice of versions/variants and the range of standard sizes and colours. Then there are accessories, customisation, price and delivery time to consider.

Discover which customisable sloping-front enclosure is best for your electronics…