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Originally developed for wall mounting in corners, SMART-CONTROL has carved out quite a niche in the desktop market too: the accessory range includes a stand set which enables these attractive enclosures to take pride of place on tabletops – mounted at a 45° angle for easy viewing and operation.

Take a closer look at SMART-CONTROL and you’ll notice some subtle contouring. The front has a flat recessed area for mounting a membrane keypad – but the frame that surrounds it has a pleasing curve to it. And the narrow rear is also gracefully curved but still flat enough to add a desk stand or wall suspension element.

Again, SMART-CONTROL has lots of modern technical features: multiple versions (recessed or convex front), ASA+PC plastic, Torx assembly screws, and an optional seal – though this time it’s IP 55, rather than IP 65. There are two sizes 142 x 81 x 46 mm and 173 x 101 x 59 mm, both in off-white as standard.