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With a large flat recessed top, COMTEC offers plenty of space for a membrane keypad or display. That recess is framed by ergonomic bevelling which gives these enclosures a stylish, modern look. The top is inclined by 10°, while rounded styling hints at COMTEC’s ease of use. There is a large area for interfaces (notably D-Sub plug connectors) at the top. A choice of either flat or raised bottom sections offers more capacity for components.

COMTEC is available in two versions, enabling it to be specified either with or without a battery compartment lid. Screw-in battery cradles (4 x AA, 1 x 9 V or 2 x 9 V) are available as accessories for Version II. These ABS enclosures can be specified in off-white or black, and in eight sizes from 120 x 150 x 43 mm to 290 x 200 x 75 mm. Accessories include wall suspension elements.