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UNITEC is a great example of a standard plastic enclosure that has been designed for a specific purpose – and yet remains very versatile. It has two recessed operating areas for use in face-to-face applications, such as point-of-sale. One user can input data on one face while another reads a display or printout on the other.

The operating areas are inclined at two different angles (72° and 18°). Together they create a 90° angle – enabling the electronics and interfaces to be installed as complete packages. This speeds up device manufacture and assembly times.

UNITEC can be specified in different versions with/without a battery compartment (3 x AA, 5 x AA). These housings are moulded from off-white ABS (UL 94 HB) in two sizes: 125 x 177 x 69 mm and 148 x 210 x 80 mm. Accessories include wall suspension elements.