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Modular INTERFACE-TERMINAL offers even more options than DATEC-TERMINAL – making it one of our most versatile enclosures. Its various versions include two sloping-front variants for desktop electronics. One has screw-fix assembly, the other snaps together.

Both these desktop versions feature a sloped operating area with a large recess. The ergonomically inclined base offers lots of space for connectors and cable glands. System components include bases, bottom sections, covers, glass panels and aluminium front panels. INTERFACE-TERMINAL is moulded from off-white ABS (UL 94 HB) as standard.

If you want to mount INTERFACE-TERMINAL vertically, there are various options. You could specify the:

  • Snap-together desktop/wall-mount version – which allows enclosures to be fitted at an angle.
  • Mobile/wall-mount version – this is best for handheld devices that need charging because the bottom panels and wall suspension elements include knockouts for male and female battery contacts.
  • Installation’ (flush-mount) version – subtle and discreet for wiring modern electronics into historic buildings and other architecturally sensitive locations.