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Enclosures for medical electronics

Ergonomic housings for medical electronics

For over 40 years, OKW Enclosures has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of the highest quality electronic enclosures. These enclosures are used in a variety of industries, and one industry that has found our product capabilities to be perfectly suitable, is the medical industry. Our hand held cases are expertly designed with comfort, safety, and function in mind.

How do we ensure this? It begins with the material. We typically use ABS for our enclosures, and we have recently begun using more UV stable ASA materials. Our Director of Marketing, Robert Cox, said this “new material is suitable for applications which mean a lot more time outdoors.”

The next assurance is the design of the products themselves. Our products are designed in Munich by a company that specialises in ergonomics, which allows us to combine their ergonomic know-how with our expertise in high quality injection moulding. For example, our new BLOB enclosures feature natural grip positions with a curved, organic design, making them easy to hold, without the need for a tight grip. Uses include bed moving and patient calls; these are used in physiotherapy, the wellness industry, and more. Another example is our CARRYTEC case, unique, portable housings used by health professionals caring for patients. They easily clip on to walls, beds, and bed rails. This product features an integrated handle for better balance—an important aspect when carrying expensive equipment. It is a carefully designed product that takes into account ergonomics, quality, and use, which aids the overall function of what’s inside. Finally, our most popular product in the medical field, is the SMART-CASE, a small, ergonomically-contoured enclosure that features many accessories for ease of use, including belt clips, pocket clips, wall clips, and an integrated cable.

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