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Shielded enclosures

High performance protection from RFI/EMI

At OKW Enclosures, we have many years in-house experience in supplying RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielded plastic enclosures.

Over the last 20 years, design engineers have learned avoid most of the problems with RFI/EMI at system and board levels. Sometimes however, noise issues with the device, or extreme sensitivity to external interference, means that the housing also needs to be used to achieve a necessary level of attenuation in order for the electronics to pass international regulations.

When it comes to shielded enclosures you have two options, metal or plastic housings. Metal housings offer the highest level of shielding right off the bat, but they are not optimal for every situation. Sometimes, looks and ergonomics demand shielded plastic enclosures. Of course, plastic alone will not be able to protect your equipment from RFI/EMI. This is when a high-quality metallic coating is needed.

At OKW, we employ the ALVACOAT shielding technique. ALVACOAT is an innovative process that deposits a coating of aluminium on the plastic housing using a vacuum. Most specifically, small rods of aluminium are vaporised in a rotating vacuum chamber and the enclosure sits on the outside of the chamber where the aluminium grows on the inner faces of the case parts. Over a set time, the aluminium adheres to the molecular structure of the plastic and creates a strong electromagnetic shield.

Thanks to our state-of-the-equipment, OKW can coat your enclosures in –house, cost-effectively and in timely manner. OKW also has outstanding machining capabilities, so you will not have to risk possible chip-off from 3rd party machining.

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