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Flush mount enclosures

For mounting in walls, machine housings, bulkheads

Listed and other historic buildings may be beautiful but they can add an extra level of complexity to electronics installations.

Extra planning considerations can pose challenges for designers and manufacturers specifying equipment. They may be tempted to compromise between functionality and aesthetics. But at OKW we believe that trading performance for appearance or vice versa will always be a less-than-perfect solution.

And we’re perfectionists.

So we’ve created new flush-mounting kits for our highly versatile INTERFACE-TERMINAL ABS enclosures.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures already offer you a wide range of options. You can use them as wall mounted, desktop or hand held housings. Now the new kits enable you to flush mount them in walls (rather than on them). The frames can be customised to your ideal colour of choice. Options even include wood effects.

The new installation kits include four brackets and a flush fitting frame. They come in three sizes: 135 mm x 190 mm, 165 mm x 225 mm and 195 mm x 275 mm.

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