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Wearable ABS enclosures

Enclosures for wrist straps or lanyards

If small is beautiful then extra small must be positively gorgeous.

And sure enough it is.

Meet XS – the latest new size in our popular ERGO-CASE range of wearable ABS (UL 94 HB) enclosures.

Actually, rather than size, makes that ‘sizes’ plural…because in reality there are three new XS types (all available in standard Off White or Black plus a huge range of custom colours):

  • Type I – a three-part case with ABS top and base separated by a grey soft-touch TPE elastomer intermediate ring
  • Type II – takes Type I a stage further by adding a lanyard eyelet to the TPE ring
  • Type III – the TPE ring has two lateral eyelets so you can add a wrist strap or wear it on a belt.

ERGO-CASE plastic enclosure boxes are ideal for compact handheld electronic devices – especially in hospitals and other medical environments where they’re very popular. They’re also great for access control systems.

The new XS sized housings are 82 x 56 x 24 mm. The top is recessed for mounting a membrane keypad or product label. Screw pillars in the top and location pillars in the base enable you to fit PCBs and battery assemblies.

There’s also a wide range of accessories including arm, hand and wrist straps; lanyards; belt straps and clips; eyelets and battery kits. An optional sealing kit makes ERGO-CASE splashproof to IP 54 (dust protected and splash tested with 10 litres of water per minute for five minutes). You’ll find ERGO-CASE in our range of watertight cases (IP 54, IP 65, IP 66, IP 67).

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