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Larger Carrytec handheld enclosures

Tough handheld enclosures with integrated handle

Portable enclosures tend to be small. It makes them easier to carry. That’s the accepted logic. So why have we launched a new large size in our CARRYTEC range of UK plastic electronic enclosures?

Firstly to meet demand – you wanted a larger size to complement the Small and Medium sizes. But also because there’s no rule that says handheld electronic cases always have to be carried.

Invert a CARRYTEC enclosure and you’ll find the handle makes a great grab point when the case is attached to a heavy duty suspension arm. Perfect for medical and machine control applications. And because the handle is moulded into the case – rather than attached afterwards – it’s very strong. Especially if you opt for the reinforced Polyamide (PA) version.

We’ve also launched a new accessory for CARRYTEC – extra carry cases that clip and screw on to the side of the main enclosures. They’re ideal for applications that involve carrying a probe or other handheld equipment that interfaces with the electronics inside CARRYTEC.

Perfectly aligned holes between CARRYTEC and the accessory cases mean your probe can stay plugged in and ready for use at all times. All you do just pull it out of the bag.

And just for good measure, we’ve added eyelets to the accessory cases so you can fit a shoulder strap between them – making CARRYTEC even more portable than ever.

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