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Comtec desk-wall enclosures

Sloping front for keypads and displays

They’re one of our most popular enclosures. And a prime example of OKW’s design versatility in action.

Step forward and take a bow COMTEC – originally designed for desktop point of sale operations but now increasingly likely to be found in wall mounted applications.

Increasing use of access control systems and building management electronics has made COMTEC a popular choice for wall mounted keypad enclosures. Is it because of COMTEC’s clever concealed fixing system? Just two screws and two lugs.

Or is it down to the 10-degree inclined face for comfortable ergonomic use?

Maybe it’s the fact you can specify up COMTEC in seven sizes and two versions (with/without a battery compartment). Whatever it is, COMTEC has been an absolute winner for OKW and its popularity shows no sign of waning. Quite the contrary.

COMTEC (IP40) is best suited to indoor, office environments. (If you need higher protection, try our IP65-rated enclosure range).

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