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Interface-Terminal enclosures

Complete enclosure configuration kits

At OKW we’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for you to specify our electronic enclosures. Hence our new website which shows all the options and accessories available when you select our products.

Now we’ve taken the process a stage further with our INTERFACE-TERMINAL range of modular multifunction enclosures – by offering them as complete kits.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL features a wide range of base sections, bottom panels, covers, front panels, battery compartments, seals and battery contacts. And now they’re available as kits, you can specify them with just one product number – speeding up the ordering process significantly.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL is one of OKW’s most innovative ranges of enclosures – able to cope with all the challenges of today’s increasingly mobile business environment. View the range here.

They can be used as highly ergonomic handheld enclosures, wall mounted, clipped into desk stations for charging and data transfer – even vehicle mounted for use on the road.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL cases offer plenty of space for touchscreens, graphic displays and operating elements. Options include a 20° inclined base unit for easier viewing and operation. Typical applications include office electronics, communications technology, safety systems, biometrics, medical and laboratory equipment, automation, measurement and control.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL is manufactured from ABS (UL 94 HB) and rated to IP54 (with optional seal). 

OKW can also customise your chosen enclosures quickly and cost effectively.


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