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OKW's award winning enclosures

Housing your product in an award-winning electronic enclosure (rather than one that is merely excellent) is the easiest way to make it stand out from your competitors. It makes absolute sense to give your product the best head start you can by specifying a standard or customised enclosure that is officially the very best. It’s a no-brainer.

People buy first with their eyes. An enclosure or finished product that lacks visual appeal will not be picked up and handled. It may have fantastic ergonomics, it may have the best circuits and programming…but no-one will ever know if they don’t pick it up.

An enclosure will not achieve that vital connection with the customer if it looks and feels ordinary. To succeed it must be extraordinary…

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How OKW Created Award-Winning Enclosures For Your Products

Our designers are no strangers to the red carpet, having collected glittering awards on a number of occasions. And that’s no mean feat because standard enclosures are not supposed to stand out – they’re meant to be discreet. That is to stop rival products from appearing too similar if they use the same model of standard enclosure.

So how do you create an enclosure that stands out – and yet remains discreet? By pushing the boundaries of design – because in the world of enclosures, simply looking great and feeling fantastic are not enough.

To stand a chance of winning the ultimate accolade, an enclosure must:

  • display the ‘wow’ factor
  • offer pioneering technical features
  • provide a real talking point.

Like these OKW enclosures that won leading design awards…

SYNERGY extruded enclosures

SYNERGY – Metal And Plastic In Perfect Harmony – iF Product Design Award 2015

To say that SYNERGY was a revolution is an understatement. Four years on, it still is. Why? Two crucial factors…

First and foremost – SYNERGY combines metal and plastic in what at the time was a radical departure for OKW. And not just any metal either. We’re talking high grade extruded aluminium that has been anodised then polished to a gorgeous satin lustre by blasting it with glass beads.

Secondly, there’s the innovative pillar-based construction method that enables the ASA+PC-FR plastic top to be secured with no visible fixing screws. If you look closely, you’ll find the screws on the base of the enclosure…but only if you remove the non-slip rubber feet first (otherwise the screws completely hidden).

Add to that the fact that SYNERGY is available in four shapes and 36 standard sizes (all available from day one) and it is no wonder that this range has opened up new design horizons for OKW’s customers.

View SYNERGY range >>

BLOB designer enclosures

BLOB – Our Wildest Handheld Enclosures – Double Award Winner 2014 and 2015

There’s no way that BLOB could ever be described as discreet. Not when the range comprises two insanely asymmetric amorphous shapes and a large plastic exclamation mark!

Madness? Maybe at first glance. But there is a reason that BLOB won an iF Product Design Award in 2014 and a German Design Award a year later. The method in the madness is this…

BLOB’s weird shape (or rather collection of shapes) is no accident. As you will discover when you pick up one of the enclosures. Each cleverly contoured shape is designed to guide your fingers intuitively to the controls. It is ‘teach-by-touch’ – making BLOB perfect for users with impaired dexterity or grip strength.

View BLOB range >>

Minitec Wearable Enclosures

MINITEC – Small Enclosures, Huge Choice – iF Product Design Award 2009

If small is beautiful then MINITEC is gorgeous. Especially in such a bewildering array of shapes, sizes and bright colour combinations. Part of MINITEC’s charm is its sheer simplicity: two ABS (or PMMA) sections sandwiching a soft-touch TPE intermediate ring. Wear on a lanyard, clip it to a belt or key ring, strap it to your wrist, pop it in your pocket – versatile MINITEC is the go-to housing for personal electronics.

And it’s the ‘personal’ bit of that last point that’s so important. If users are going to wear or keep an enclosure in close proximity to their body for long periods of time then they must be absolutely comfortable with it. And in the case of MINITEC, they are.

Even robots like it (and they’re not renowned for their emotions). Ten years after winning an iF award, MINITEC – an enclosure designed to appeal to humans – is finding a new market in IIoT Industry 4.0 applications…helping robots to identify tagged products as they are transported around the smart factory floor.

View MINITEC range >>

Datec-Mobil-Box enclosures

DATEC-MOBIL-BOX – Mobile Data Collection “Marvel” – iF Product Design Award 1990

Nearly three decades on, DATEC-MOBIL-BOX is still very much a design tour-de-force to be reckoned with. These tough, high performance enclosures have been protecting data collection electronics since the last millennium.

And they’re still going strong.

Ergonomics years ahead of their time; a case designed to house standard LCD modules; IP 65 protection; wall suspension elements for secure storage; a tilt foot bar for convenient desktop viewing – there are many reasons why DATEC-MOBIL-BOX has survived and thrived for so long in both indoor and outdoor working environments.

Martin Nußberger of polyform Industrie Design summed it up: “The DATEC-MOBIL-BOX is a real space marvel…when it comes to compact and mobile products, this enclosure design is second to none.”

View DATEC-MOBIL-BOX range >>

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