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March 2013


Today’s electronics are being used in many different environments, for example in offices, homes, museums, hospitals, government and military buildings, as well as factories and laboratories. With this in mind, OKW has extended its unique INTERFACE-TERMINAL plastic enclosures series with a new range of accessory kits which allow the enclosures to be flush fitted in walls or control panels.

The new wall/panel installation kits consist of four holding brackets which are fitted to the rear of the enclosure and are used to mount the assembly in the wall/panel aperture. A flush fitting design frame then snaps onto the holding brackets to give a very attractive and professional appearance which hides the aperture and assembly screws underneath.

These kits are ideal for applications where there are very high architectural standards, or in historically important buildings where concealing electronics equipment is very important.

To assist with this, OKW offers the installation kits in three options: in off-white to match the standard enclosure colour; painted to match the building colour scheme, for example in bright orange; or with water transfer printing, for example with wood finish to suit an historical building or traditional office decor.

These installation kits are designed for the basic INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosure configurations which consists of a flat or high bottom part fitted with any of the front panel/cover options. The basic enclosures are available in three standard plan sizes of 135 x 190 mm, 165 x 225 mm and 195 x 275 mm. Heights vary from 26.5 mm to 46.5 mm depending upon the bottom/front section configuration selected.

In addition the frame finishes, OKW can also supply the INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures with additional holes for the push-buttons, connectors and displays, plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and EMC shielding.