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August 2016


OKW has added a new Applications section to its website to help design engineers specify the best enclosures for their electronics.

It is divided into eight sectors. They comprise: Medicine/Laboratory/Wellness; Measuring/Control/Automation; Mechanical Engineering/Plant Building; Automotive Engineering/Construction Equipment/Military/Aviation; Heating/Climate/Environment; Security/Building Services Systems; Communication; Mining/Gas/Oil.

Each application page includes a range of examples showing how easy it is to customise a standard plastic enclosure into a unique housing that enhances the electronics inside. Examples feature links to the OKW enclosures used for each device so engineers can specify solutions more easily.

By far the biggest list of solutions can be found on the Medical, Wellness and Laboratory page – highlighting the sector’s importance as a key growth area.

Enclosures designed for medical devices must meet particularly demanding specifications. They must be ergonomic, pleasant to touch and cytotoxically safe. They must also enhance each product’s reliability and high value aesthetics.

Medical technology housed in OKW enclosures includes bed controllers, dataloggers, dental and laser therapy equipment, dosemeters and radio pagers. Technology featured in the new Applications section spans the range of OKW products: wearable, handheld, wired, wall mount and desktop enclosures.

OKW also manufactures flush mounting enclosures, portable instrument enclosures, universal enclosures, DIN rail enclosures, potting boxes and tuning knobs. Accessories offered by OKW include eyelets; lanyards and straps; pocket/belt clips; key rings; brackets; carry cases; cable glands; screws; enclosure feet; contacts and connections; battery compartments and holders; USB covers; hinges and locks.

OKW’s customisation services are available even for low volume batches. Customers can specify bespoke colours, EMC shielding, CNC machining, lacquering, printing of logos and legends, membrane keyboards, display windows, adhesive foils, plastic and aluminium panels, installation and assembly.