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Handles for enclosures

February 2017


OKW’s tilt/swivel carry handle bars can now be specified as accessories and retrofitted to existing electronic instrument enclosures.

They add portability to desktop instrument enclosures in a wide range of applications including measuring and control, peripherals, laboratory equipment, medical and wellness devices.

Three different shapes of handles are available – all of which can be indexed in 30° increments for canting and carrying a case. Simply push the buttons on each side arm.

Depending on the shape of side arms specified, the profile bar must be either 16mm shorter, 26 mm shorter or 3 mm longer than the width of the case.

Eight side arm kits are available. Seven are moulded from polyamide (PA 6) in a choice of colours: black (RAL 9005) with black or volcano grey buttons; pebble grey (RAL 7032) with off white (RAL 9002) buttons; light grey (RAL 7035) with volcano grey buttons; off white with volcano grey, pebble grey or off white buttons. The other side arm kit is die cast in zinc and painted off-white with pebble grey buttons – these handles can be painted in custom colours on request.

The extruded handle bars are supplied separately, cut to the correct length for the enclosure width customers specify. On request, these bars can also be supplied painted.

The handle bars are priced according to the length required.

OKW offers a range of plastic portable instrument enclosures that can be specified with tilt swivel carry handles: MEDITEC, EURO CASE, MOTEC and LUX CASE.

Also available for challenging environments is CARRYTEC (IP 54) which features an integrated handle for added durability. This can also be used as a handy grab when the case is inverted and mounted on a suspension arm.

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