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More USB Versions of OKW’s MINITEC Handheld Enclosures

MINITEC now with more rings for USB devices

October 2020

OKW has increased the range of USB connectivity options for its award-winning MINITEC plastic enclosures for personal electronics.

MINITEC – which won an iF Product Design Award – is a modern range of ergonomic enclosures for remote control key fobs, IoT/IIoT, compact measurement devices, data recording, personal emergency/alarm systems, medical or fitness monitoring devices.

Tactile and ergonomic MINITEC is light and comfortable to wear, ensuring that personal electronics stay within easy reach. MINITEC can be worn on a lanyard, wrist strap, carried loose or attached to a belt or key ring. The enclosures are available in two shapes: rectangular E or the more rounded D.

Each enclosure comprises a top and bottom section, an intermediate ring and an assembly screw (supplied).

USB-A and USB-B intermediate rings are now available as standard in ABS or infrared-permeable PMMA. No machining is needed. Previously, USB intermediate rings were offered only in soft-touch SEBS/TPE.

The new rings fit size M (68 x 24 x 18/24 mm) of the E (rectangular) version of MINITEC. They also feature a mounting loop.

Four of the new rings are 18 mm high (USB-A/ABS, USB-A/PMMA, USB-B/ABS and USB-B/PMMA). Two more rings (ABS or PMMA) are available in the 24 mm height with no USB slot. All six new rings are black (RAL 9005) as standard.

Accessories include an adjustable wrist strap (with hook/loop fastening), lanyards and a key ring.

OKW also offers customised versions of MINITEC. Services include CNC machining, lacquering, printing, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, EMC shielding, installation/assembly of accessories.

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