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Six plastic enclosures with stations for charging/data transfer
December 2017

Increased demand for mobile, portable and wearable enclosures comes with the a burgeoning desire for more sophisticated charging solutions.

Seven good reasons to use OKW's assembly service
November 2017

Outsourcing the assembly of your electronics offers considerable benefits – but it’s important to choose the right partner. Learn how our assembly service will help you to capitalise on opportunities.

New desktop enclosures for medical and laboratory electronics
October 2017

EVOTEC designer desktop enclosures have been designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of medical and laboratory electronics equipment.

Specifying the right knobs for your electronics
September 2017

Choosing the most suitable potentiometer knobs for your electronics will always involve a degree of subjectivity. Aesthetics are crucial – and rightly so!

Four questions to ask when specifying handheld enclosures
July 2017

Four questions that will help you specify the right handheld enclosures. In recent years we have added many innovative designs which make selection even easier...

EVOTEC: Designer enclosures for desktops (and walls)
May 2017

New EVOTEC designer table-top enclosures represent a big step forward for OKW…for a whole host of reasons.

Plastic enclosures for PCBs with pre-fitted connectors
March 2017

OKW offer a range of enclosures for mounting PCBs that have been pre-fitted with connectors. Often this can be a problem with standard enclosures.

Plastic Enclosures With Charging/Data Transfer Stations
February 2017

Standard plastic enclosures that come complete with docking stations are still uncommon – even though today’s technology is increasingly wireless. However, OKW offer five individual product ranges with desk and/or wall stations.

Why custom enclosures are now cheaper, quicker and easier than you think!
January 2017

Don’t compromise. Don’t settle for a good PCB case when you can have a great one – an enclosure that will truly enhance your product and emphasize its quality and value...


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