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Why extruded enclosures are the future for high end electronics

Extruded aluminium electronic enclosures

Think ‘extruded enclosures’ and prosaic metal channeling probably springs to mind…all very functional but hardly luxury kit. Think again…

Today’s ultra-modern aluminium extruded enclosures are taking their rightful place at the forefront of case design. They’re the new leading edge products at OKW, even though we’ve always specialised in plastic electronic enclosures (and will continue to do so).

Our extruded housings combine smooth aluminium and performance plastics to create sophisticated hybrids. Designers specify them for high end applications – whether that’s lifesaving equipment for the demanding medical sector or luxury gadgetry for discerning consumers.

Those of you who’ve seen our award-winning SYNERGY enclosures and handled them for yourself will know precisely what we’re talking about here. Are these stunning SYNERGY cases really four years old now? They don’t look or feel like it. They could have been unveiled yesterday to house the products of tomorrow.

And now they’ll be sharing that ‘tomorrow’ with OKW’s newest extruded aluminium enclosures SMART-TERMINAL, the very latest in designer desktop instrumentation enclosures (that you can also wall-mount or carry in your hand).

What Makes These Extruded Enclosures Different?

What sets SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY apart from the herd? Innovation. And also the same thing that differentiates a debutante – finishing. That precision polish that only a few can aspire to enjoy.

Both are extruded from anodised aluminium but that’s only half the story. SMART-TERMINAL boasts a sleek matt finish that feels as good as it looks. SYNERGY meanwhile is blasted with glass beads to create its distinctive satin lustre.

And both enclosures feature concealed fixings to keep their tamperproof Torx screwheads out of view. SMART-TERMINAL’s are hidden away in the deeply recessed ASA+PC-FR side covers that sit snugly in soft-touch TPV seals. SYNERGY’s case screws are all but impossible to spot thanks to its unique pillar-based construction system.

What Are The Benefits Of Specifying An Extruded Enclosure?

Ease of customisation…that’s the short answer. Need a larger or smaller case? Simple – we just cut the profile to your preferred length.

And because we offer lots of options – three widths for SMART-TERMINAL and four shapes for SYNERGY – our cases don’t look like typical run-of-the-mill extruded enclosures. But then that’s the general idea. We’re in the business of helping you to create distinctive great-looking electronics products.

Another other handy feature of SMART-TERMINAL’s extrusion-based construction is that it features PCB guide rails so you can slide boards in and out for easy access. SYNERGY takes a different approach (using PCB pillars instead) but access is just as quick and complete.

Find Out More About Extruded Enclosures

Is it a coincidence that our two smartest designer enclosures both combine beautifully finished aluminium and high quality ASA+PC-FR plastic? Is it a coincidence that they’re both extruded rather than using another form of construction?

Let’s just say that extruded enclosures offer some fantastic design and customisation opportunities that will truly set your electronics apart from those of your competitors.


SMART-TERMINAL for handheld, desktop and wall devices

For Handheld,
desk-top and wall devices.


Standard range.
Custom lengths on

SMART-TERMINAL - Extruded top and base and moulded end covers

Case extrusions,
sealing gaskets and
moulded end covers.

SMART-TERMINAL canting kit

Optional canting kit
for desktop devices. 


Guide rails and screw
slots for mounting
the PCBs.

View SMART-TERMINAL range >>


SYNERGY - Desktop enclosures

For desktop and 
handheld electronic

For wall or machine mounted devices

For wall or machine
mounted electronic

Huge range of sizes and shapes

Huge range of sizes
and shapes. Custom
heights on demand.

Extruded body with moulded top and base.

Extruded body with
moulded top and

PCB mounting

PCB mounting and 
access for fitting
connectors etc.

View SYNERGY range >>

Get in touch with OKW to see how we can customise extruded enclosures to your precise requirements. Request a sample and see SYNERGY and SMART-TERMINAL for yourself.