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C2316719 Quick fix cable gland, M16


Quick fix cable gland, M16

Rational installation from the outside, even in inaccessible places, without special tools: simply push the cable gland into the drilled hole and centre it. The screw connection can be tightened from the outside by means of a locknut that has a left-hand thread. Then feed in the cable and fix it as usual. The cable gland only extends into the enclosure for a few millimetres and so does not hinder any other component inside. It is fitted as standard with a strain relief and seal for protection class IP 68. It is suitable for wall thicknesses of 1 to 4 mm with a through hole in accordance with DIN 50262. Clamp ranges: diameter 5 - 10 mm.


1 cable gland

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Protection class
black RAL 9005
The degree(s) of protection listed refer to the empty standard enclosures (without any modifications) and are in compliance with the EN 60529 standard.
Please take the dimensions from current parts. These are subject to material- and manufacturing-specific tolerances.

Drawings (Discrepancies depend on material-specific manufacturing tolerances, e.g. DIN EN 16742)

Weight/1 part
9 g
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(OKW product)
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