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B3318918 Infill cover 180


Infill cover 180

With the optional cover you also have the option of fitting a further PCB and visually closing the bottom part of the enclosure.


1 infill cover

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System components to complete

B3218101 NET-BOX 180


NET-BOX 180 Three-part enclosure with a uniform appearance thanks to concealed screw connections. Modern colour combination of light grey and lava. 2 PCB levels with 4 attachment domes each in the electronics compartment. Can also be used out of doors thanks to the high-quality ASA+PC-FR material.

Supply 1 bottom part and 1 top cover, 1 lid and 1 assembly kit



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ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0)
light grey RAL 7035
IP 65 opt., IP 40

Accessory "screws"

A0306031 Self-tapping screws 3 x 6 mm (PZ1)


Self-tapping screws 3 x 6 mm (PZ1) Self-tapping crosshead screw (PZ1), specifically suitable for plastics. For fastenings components, boards and PCBs onto pillars.
For correct assembly please note the tightening torque depends on enclosure type. View list (.xls) >>

Supply 1 self-tapping screw



Self-tapping screws 3 x 6 mm (PZ1)
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Customising options for B3318918

What else do you need to create your own personal product? We can supply our enclosures and tuning knobs fully modified to suit your electronic components and design requirements. Please advise for anything else we can do for you.

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PCB length, base
44 mm
PCB width, base
118 mm
Please take the dimensions from current parts. These are subject to material- and manufacturing-specific tolerances.

Miscellaneous information

Weight/1 part
37 g
Customs tariff number
(OKW product)
Country of manufacture