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Robust and elegant enclosure with two-part aluminium profile (glass bead-blasted and anodised), designer seals in green and lava grey plastic side covers. Good access inside for installation and assembly work.
Horizontal guides and screw channels provided inside the case for fitting PCBs. Flat areas for easy installation of interfaces. Recessed area in the top for the protection of displays, membrane keypads and operating elements. Side covers with recessed area for protecting cables and connectors.
Each case is supplied with an assembly kit which includes the enclosure screws and sealing washers, plus two round cord seals for fitting between the top and the base profiles.
Accessories include a wall suspension element, case canting kit (for ergonomically canting the enclosure by 12°) and a set of square-head nuts for mounting a PCB or mounting plate.


Top profile, base profile, set of designer seals in green, set of side covers, assembly kit

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Accessory "station"

B3507030 Case canting kit


Case canting kit Cants the enclosure by 12° to provide an ergonomic angle for reading displays and operating the device on a table. The rubber feet included in the supply ensure that the desk-top enclosure does not slip.
Rational assembly – no additional screw connection needed: when the enclosure is being assembled, the case canting mouldings are pushed into the base profile and automatically fixed by the side covers.

Supply 2 canting stands, 4 rubber feet



Case canting kit
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ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0)

Accessory "wall/holder"

B3507020 Wall suspension element


Wall suspension element Two-piece design for secure and flush mounting of the SMART-TERMINAL enclosure.
Installation: Fix the anti-slip pads supplied (to prevent the enclosure from being pushed to the side) on the wall suspension element, and then screw the wall suspension element to the wall, or a flat machine front panel. Insert the tongue on the back of the enclosure, in the centre, and hang the enclosure onto the wall suspension element and mount on the wall or similar with a screw (not supplied).

Supply 1 wall suspension element, 1 wall suspension tongue, 2 anti-slip pads (self-adhesive)



Wall suspension element
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Accessory "screws"

A0330080 Screw M3 x 8 mm (T10)


Screw M3 x 8 mm (T10) For fastening PCBs and board assemblies on the top profile of the SMART-TERMINAL enclosures.

Supply 1 screw



Screw M3 x 8 mm (T10)
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Stainless steel
A0399T10 Torx T10 screwdriver


Torx T10 screwdriver Screwdriver with ergonomic handle for reliably turning, tightening and loosening Torx T10 type screws. (original can deviate from photo)

Supply 1 screwdriver



Torx T10 screwdriver
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B3500001 Set of M3 square-head nuts


Set of M3 square-head nuts For mounting a PCB or mounting plate on the base profile of the SMART-TERMINAL enclosure. The square-head nuts can be positioned anywhere within the T-grooves in the base profile, depending on the installation configuration.

Supply 4 M3 square-head nuts



Set of M3 square-head nuts
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Customising options for B3407011

What else do you need to create your own personal product? We can supply our enclosures and tuning knobs fully modified to suit your electronic components and design requirements. Please advise for anything else we can do for you.

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Protection class
Profiles matt anodised,
Side covers lava,
Designer seals green
The degree(s) of protection listed refer to the empty standard enclosures (without any modifications) and are in compliance with the EN 60529 standard.
202 mm
170 mm
50 mm
PCB length, top
160 mm
PCB width, top
117 mm
Please take the dimensions from current parts. These are subject to material- and manufacturing-specific tolerances.

Assembly Instructions (Group)

Drawings (Discrepancies depend on material-specific manufacturing tolerances, e.g. DIN EN 16742)

3D-Models (Discrepancies depend on material-specific manufacturing tolerances, e.g. DIN EN 16742)

Weight/1 part
620 g
Customs tariff number
(OKW product)
Country of manufacture