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Unique contoured enclosures designed for the hand

Inspiration is fickle. It rarely arrives on demand – but what if it could?

What if the radical step change you needed to help drive the evolution of your products had already been made for you? And all you had to do was order it.

It has – and it’s called BLOB.

OKW’s BLOB plastic electronics housings are more than just a series of curious shapes. They were designed that way for a very good reason.

BLOB guides the user’s fingers towards the controls – so users instinctively gain an understanding of how the product inside works.

BLOB takes ergonomics to a different level. This is more than simply manufacturing comfortable electronics cases that fit well in the hand.

This is about ‘teach by touch’ – making products that are more intuitive in their design.

There are three different types of ABS enclosures in the BLOB range:

  • UNIT has a lower grasp area. It is suitable for left- or right-handed operation.
  • CONTROL can be held with one hand and operated with the other. Choose from different sensory gripping options.
  • PANEL can be held and operated with both hands or used on a table top.