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Modern and ergonomic enclosures for cable-connected electronics

OKW’s wired enclosures offer has taken a major step forward with the launch of new CONNECT cases.

CONNECT joins some great handheld housings on our wired enclosures webpage:

  • award-winning BLOB – amorphous-shaped enclosures that guide users’ hands to the controls
  • popular SMART-CASE – contoured enclosures rated up to IP 65 ergonomic
  • SENSO-CASE – available with an optional trigger.

But CONNECT is a bold step forward because it’s the first wired enclosure range that OKW has designed specifically for pendant applications (though it’s great for desktop electronics too).

And because CONNECT will spend much of its life suspended in mid air, we’ve given it two ‘fronts’. There’s no underside (thanks to screwless snap-together construction). The two fronts differ: one is convex, so it’s comfortable to hold; the other flat and recessed to accept a membrane keypad. Flat long sides offer plenty of space for multiple USB connections.

We designed CONNECT for medical and wellness applications, data systems engineering, network technology, building services systems, measurement and control. There are cutouts at both ends for soft touch TPE cable glands with integrated strain relief. Or you could blank off the apertures with end parts.

CONNECT is moulded in ASA+PC-FR so it offers great UV stability. Choose from three sizes: 54 x 22 mm in lengths of either 76, 116 or 156 mm. Specify CONNECT in standard off white (RAL 9002) or choose from a range of custom colours. 

We’re expecting high demand from the medical sector so accessories at launch include a dedicated bedrail clamp for round tubes up to ø 32 mm.

We offer lots of customising options: EMC shielding; CNC machining; lacquering; digital, water transfer and tampo printing; membrane keypads; display windows; adhesive foils; plastic and aluminium panels; installation and assembly.