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2. Wireless Or Cable?

Virtually all our handheld enclosures offer the option of a battery compartment.

The only exception is CONNECT which is designed specifically for cabled electronics – such as applications requiring multiple USB interfaces.

Many of our enclosures offer a choice of battery options, plus at least one flat side to accommodate a connector for charging.

DATEC-COMPACT takes it a stage further. Not only do you get the choice of AA or AAA cells (or no battery compartment) but the enclosure comes with integrated charging contacts as standard (or without if you prefer). The contacts can be used in combination with the accessory stations (also with contacts) for data download and/or charging. DATEC-COMPACT is available with IP 41 or IP 65 sealing as standard.

Some OKW handheld enclosures (including DATEC-COMPACT) offer charging stations as accessories – eliminating another key worry when it comes to wireless applications.

Picture below: BODY-CASE (left), ERGO-CASE (middle), MINITEC (right).