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Hospitals, surgeries and laboratories are some of the most demanding non-industrial environments that an electronics designer will ever encounter.

Creating electronics products for the healthcare market brings its own unique challenges. Hospitals may not be as tough on tech as factories or abattoirs but they can still inflict plenty of daily wear and tear.

And the medical and wellness sector is also particularly demanding when it comes to aesthetics and ergonomics. Enclosures don’t just have to perform well; they must look and feel great if they’re to convey the excellence of the electronics they house. Presentation is everything.

So eight months ago we decided it was time for a desktop revolution, time to shake up the status quo and give electronics manufacturers something far more advanced than they’d normally expect from a standard enclosure.

That big step forward was EVOTEC – a designer desktop enclosure that would exceed the demands of the medical sector and also raise the bar for measurement and control engineering, environmental technology and IT.

At launch EVOTEC came in one plan size (200 x 124 mm) but now it has a bigger brother (250 x 155 mm) and smaller brother (150 x 93 mm). Here’s why they offer everything you should be looking for in a high end desktop enclosure…