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Induction Charging For Wearable Enclosures

1. Induction charging is the sexy solution that builds added desirability into your device. Just casually place your smartwatch on the charger and pick it up fully juiced in just a few hours. That’s what BODY-CASE brings to the party. OKW’s first ever wristwatch-style electronic enclosures can now be induction-charged on their own dedicated stations.

BODY-CASE comes supplied with two 18 mm spring bars so it will fit a standard watchstrap. And it can also be hung around the neck on a lanyard, clipped to a belt/pocket, fitted to a key ring or carried loose in a pocket.

These IP 65/67 enclosures (and their stations) are moulded in tough glossy ASA that’s easy to clean and highly resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays. And now they’re available in two sizes: the existing size L (55 x 46 x 17 mm) and new size M (50 x 41 x 16 mm).