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Datec-Compact enclosures with charging stations

Standard OKW enclosures with accessory stations

Demand for mobile, portable and wearable electronics has grown exponentially – and with that comes the burgeoning desire for more sophisticated charging solutions.

Today’s users expect the convenience of docking stations as a matter of course. They’re becoming less inclined to remove rechargeable cells from a battery cradle to recharge them. It’s a time-consuming chore – particularly if their power-hungry device continually needs feeding with new or topped-up cells.

So the onus is on electronics manufacturers to provide docking stations – but that has often meant specifying custom enclosures for them. This can be costly (especially in small batches) and it also delays time to market in a sector where speed is vital.

But now there’s a much greater choice of standard enclosures that offer charging stations as optional accessories. And they can all be supplied fully customised ready for your electronics, even in low volumes. Contact OKW and ask us for free samples.

Induction Charging For Wearable Enclosures

1. Induction charging is the sexy solution that builds added desirability into your device. Just casually place your smartwatch on the charger and pick it up fully juiced in just a few hours. That’s what BODY-CASE brings to the party. OKW’s first ever wristwatch-style electronic enclosures can now be induction-charged on their own dedicated stations.

BODY-CASE comes supplied with two 18 mm spring bars so it will fit a standard watchstrap. And it can also be hung around the neck on a lanyard, clipped to a belt/pocket, fitted to a key ring or carried loose in a pocket.

These IP 65/67 enclosures (and their stations) are moulded in tough glossy ASA that’s easy to clean and highly resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays. And now they’re available in two sizes: the existing size L (55 x 46 x 17 mm) and new size M (50 x 41 x 16 mm).

Enclosures with charging stations

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2. Handheld Enclosures With Built-In Contacts For Charging

Virtually all standard handheld enclosures destined for charging will need to have contacts retro-fitted: they don’t come as standard. But on DATEC-COMPACT they do…

DATEC-COMPACT (IP 65) was designed specifically for charging applications right from day one, straight out of the box, complete with optional station. Like BODY-CASE, DATEC-COMPACT is moulded from a UV-resistant plastic (in this case ASA+PC-FR) for outdoor use. The sealed area houses not just the battery compartment (AAA/AA) but also SD cards and USB connectors to ensure they’re fully protected.

DATEC-COMPACT is available in three sizes (S 136 x 74 x 32 mm, M 172 x 92 x 39 mm, L 206 x 110 x 47 mm) and can be specified with or without contacts or sealing.

Handheld enclosures with contacts

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3. Chargeable Handheld Enclosures For Large Graphics Displays

Handheld DATEC-CONTROL features a large head section so it can accommodate larger graphics displays. Four sizes ranging from 200 x 58/94 x 39.5 mm to 266 x 90/144 x 60 mm collectively offer a wealth of different battery options – 2/3/4/5 x AA, 1 x 9V – and a choice of two charging/data transfer docks. Station I is inclined for desktop use; station II can be wall mounted.

The battery compartment simply slides out like a cassette, making it easy to change cells when the need arises. There is also protected mounting of the PCMCIA card.

Handheld enclosures with desk/wall stations

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4. Large Plastic Enclosures With Integrated Handle and Stations

Robust CARRYTEC’s distinctive integrated handle (with non-slip grip) makes it the smart way to carry and safeguard your portable instrumentation both indoors and outdoors. It has a large recessed operating area for membrane keypads and also an inset area on the underside to protect any interfaces.

CARRYTEC can be supplied with a battery compartment for 5 x AA cells. Machining is required. Charging/data transfer stations are available for all sizes: S 222 x 205 x 80 mm, M 270 x 247 x 91 mm, M (Slim) 270 x 247 x 42 mm and L 348 x 303 x 117 mm. They can be mounted on desks or walls.

Large handheld enclosures with stations

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5. Contoured Handheld Enclosures For Remote Control Applications

Ever noticed how often you need to change the cells in your remote? And how it always fails just when you need it most?

Ergonomic SMART-CASE offers a solution: charging stations for its three biggest sizes: M (96 x 47 x 24 mm), L (140 x 62.7 x 30.5 mm) and XL (168 x 74.4 x 35.4 mm). That way your remotes will stay topped up. Battery options include AAA, AA and 9V. Running out of power is not the only thing that can thwart your remote. So we offer SMART-CASE with IP 65 ingress protection.

Small handheld enclosures with stations

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6. Modular Multi-function Enclosures With Stations

Being modular, INTERFACE-TERMINAL is one of our most versatile ranges. These advanced configurable cases can be carried, desk docked, wall mounted and vehicle mounted – easily clipped and unclipped for maximum portability in today’s fast-moving world.

All the various sections, covers, panels and battery compartments offer so many different permutations that three years ago we made it possible to specify the most popular configurations as complete sets – so you have to input only one product code when ordering.

For mobile applications, INTERFACE-TERMINAL can be specified with a 5 x AA battery compartment. Choose from three plan sizes (S 190 x 135 mm, M 225 x 165 mm and L 275 x 195 mm), each of which offers a charging station.

handheld enclosures with docking stations


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