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Technological complexity in factories is no longer characterised simply by the amount of computing power involved. Nor by how many lines of code are written in the software. There is something else at work.

For the smart factory manager at the cutting edge of Industry 4.0, that something is the number of data tags, sensors and readers involved in making it all happen. And the sophistication of the network that connects all these nodes as they control and monitor processes to improve operational efficiency.

All this technology must be housed in enclosures that are best suited to their individual IoT roles. Some enclosures (such as OKW’s award-winning MINITEC) were designed initially for other roles but have proven to be absolutely ideal as data tags in the Internet of Things. Much rarer, however, are enclosures that have been designed specifically for IoT/IIoT applications.

One such is OKW’s new EASYTEC range. The fact that it was created specifically for IoT/IIoT electronics immediately sets it apart from more general rival products. Smart design and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a small but exciting new housing that is helping to usher in a brave new era of manufacturing.