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4. SMART-PANEL – Elegant Wall-Mount Enclosures For Sensors And Touchscreens

New SMART-PANEL is specifically designed for today’s intelligent building control and monitoring
technology. Its elegant appearance blends seamlessly with hi-tech industrial, commercial and residential environments. The bottom is highly polished; the top has a fine-grain texture.

SMART-PANEL fits neatly into standard cavity wall boxes – it is attractive, understated and very quick to install. No assembly screws are needed: the lid just snaps into place. It can be removed by inserting a pair of special tools (accessory) – speeding up servicing.

Choose from two sizes (84 x 84 x 21.3 mm and 155 x 84 x 21.3 mm). The housings are moulded from high-quality V-0 ASA+PC-FR material in traffic white (RAL 9016). A glass panel (accessory) fits on the top for touchscreens and displays. The rear of this glass panel can be printed on request.