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12 Advanced Enclosures For Smart Factory Electronics

Enclosures for SMART Factory electronics equipment

Robust Plastic Enclosures For IIoT

IIoT’s absolute dependence on data requires Smart Factory networks to be robust and scalable as new technology and processes are brought online. So the enclosures that house the myriad sensors and displays must be equally tough and adaptable.

OKW IIoT enclosures are optimally designed for Smart Factory electronics. Specify them for wall-mount, table-top, mobile and wearable devices.  Here are 12 essential enclosures for Industry 4.0…

Easytec pole-mount enclosures

1. EASYTEC Wall- And Pole-Mount Sensor Enclosures – Now With New Sizes

We’ve expanded our range of EASYTEC wall- and pole-mounted enclosures for IIoT smart sensors. EASYTEC speeds up IIoT network installations because the bottom section has two lugs for quick and easy wall and pole mounting with cable ties or screws.

And now we’ve doubled the range from two to four sizes: 80, 100 and the new 125 and 150. Each is available in two heights. So now you can specify EASYTEC in sizes ranging from 101 x 50 x 22 mm to 172 x 93 x 46 mm.

EASYTEC is moulded from UV-stable and flame-retardant ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0). IP 65 protection is available as an option, making these robust enclosures ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. PCBs can be installed in the top or bottom. Torx assembly screws deter tampering.

View EASYTEC range >>

Smart-Control corner enclosures

2. SMART-CONTROL Enclosures For Corners (And Flat Walls)

SMART-CONTROL is our first standard enclosure for easy installation in room corners. In addition,
this enclosure range can be used on a flat wall or on a desk. A wall suspension element (accessory) enables the enclosures to be mounted either in 90° inside corners or on flat surfaces. No fixing screws are visible from the front.

A desktop stand set (accessory) ensures reliable desktop positioning and an ergonomic reading angle of 45° when the enclosure is set up horizontally. There are two sizes, M and S. Both offer a choice of top sections – either smooth convex or with a recessed operating area for a membrane keypad. PCBs can be mounted in the top and bottom sections.

SMART-CONTROL is moulded from UV-stable ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in off-white (RAL 9002) as standard. IP 55 ingress protection is available as an option. Torx stainless steel assembly screws prevent tampering.

View SMART-CONTROL range >>

Net-Box wall-mount enclosures

3. NET-BOX – For Smart Network Nodes And More

NET-BOX plastic enclosures have a slim design and stylish curved top, making these modern housings perfect for wall-mount control units, network nodes and much more. A simple three-part assembly – bottom section, cover and lid – means there are no screws visible from the front (just two on the underside of the lid). An optional infill cover closes the underside opening and can be used to accommodate additional PCBs or assemblies.

All three sizes of NET-BOX offer plenty of room for electronics and interfaces. The enclosures are moulded in flame-retardant (UL 94 V-0) ASA+PC-FR and can be sealed to IP 65 (optional). Anti-tamper Torx T10 assembly screws offer added security. NET-BOX can also be used as a desktop unit; non-slip feet are available as an accessory.

View NET-BOX range >>

Smart-Panel wall-mount enclosures

4. SMART-PANEL – Elegant Wall-Mount Enclosures For Sensors And Touchscreens

New SMART-PANEL is specifically designed for today’s intelligent building control and monitoring
technology. Its elegant appearance blends seamlessly with hi-tech industrial, commercial and residential environments. The bottom is highly polished; the top has a fine-grain texture.

SMART-PANEL fits neatly into standard cavity wall boxes – it is attractive, understated and very quick to install. No assembly screws are needed: the lid just snaps into place. It can be removed by inserting a pair of special tools (accessory) – speeding up servicing.

Choose from two sizes (84 x 84 x 21.3 mm and 155 x 84 x 21.3 mm). The housings are moulded from high-quality V-0 ASA+PC-FR material in traffic white (RAL 9016). A glass panel (accessory) fits on the top for touchscreens and displays. The rear of this glass panel can be printed on request.

View SMART-PANEL range >>

Protec sloping front enclosures

5. PROTEC Control Centre Enclosures – Choose From Three Versions

PROTEC has a modern and highly attractive square design with soft contours. These versatile enclosures are ideal for wall-mount or desktop electronics; the ergonomically inclined (20°) front operating panel features a large recess for touchscreens.

Three sizes are available in each of the following versions:

  • Version I – with a deep recessed interface area at the rear for connectors and interfaces
  • Version II – with a snap-on cover that hides the recess
  • Version III – with a deep cover that offers extra space for electronics, cabling and connections.

All three versions offer plenty of space for components; PCBs can be mounted on three levels. PROTEC is moulded from V-0 off-white (RAL 9002) ASA+PC-FR. IP 65 protection is optional. Accessories include secure wall suspension elements with hidden fixings.

View PROTEC range >>

Smart-Terminal Extruded Aluminium Enclosures

6. SMART-TERMINAL Combines Aluminium And Plastic For Superior Performance

SMART-TERMINAL is the last word in excellence for tough industrial display enclosures. These central control housings combine high-quality matt-anodised aluminium profile and smart plastic end covers for enhanced aesthetics, ergonomics and practicality.

These robust premium enclosures can accommodate large volume electronic assemblies including touchscreens and display modules. PCBs slide in and out on guide rails for rapid installation and assembly.

The ASA+PC-FR anthracite end covers sit snugly in soft-touch TPV (volcano or green) seals. These covers are deeply recessed to protect cables and connectors. Simple aluminium plate end covers are also available as an option.

Three sizes (160, 200 and 240) are available as standard – and their extrusion-based design makes it easy to supply custom lengths on request (minimum order quantity 100 pieces). Accessories include a wall suspension element and also a case-canting kit that inclines the enclosure at an ergonomic 12° reading angle.

View SMART-TERMINAL range >>

Smart-Box IP66 Enclosures

7. SMART-BOX (IP 66) – Robust, Resilient Plastic Enclosures For Industrial Electronics

Tough, versatile and dependable – SMART-BOX suits a wide range of wall-mount and desktop applications. Its rounded ergonomic design will enhance the visual impact and tactile quality of your industrial electronics. Hinged flush-fitting trims hide all the case fixings – and the screw shafts for wall mounting.

SMART-BOX is moulded from a V-0 blend of UV-stable ASA and tough polycarbonate for use in demanding industrial environments. IP 66 ingress protection is standard. And the A2 stainless steel alloy screws provide high resistance to corrosion – even against aggressive substances.

The top has a recessed operating area for a membrane keypad. There is also an additional surface for labels on the underside. Choose from eight sizes from 120 x 90 x 50 mm to 280 x 170 x 60 mm. Accessories include case feet for desktop use, security plugs to prevent unauthorised access, cable grommets and pressure equalisation elements.

View SMART-BOX range >>

In-Box IP67 sealed enclosures

8. IN-BOX (IP 66/67) – High Impact Resistance, High Performance

With a high impact strength of IK07/08 and ingress protection ratings of IP 66/67, IN-BOX is more than capable of withstanding the punishment that smart factories can mete out. These terminal enclosures offer a wide range of options for electrical engineers and electronics designers. They can be mounted on walls (directly or with brackets) or on TH35 or TH15 DIN rails. The lid is held in place by efficient quarter-turn lid screws in stainless steel.

IN-BOX is available as standard in two plastics and with a choice of recessed lids:

  • ABS – IK07, UL 94 HB (ABS opaque or ABS/PC transparent lid)
  • PC – IK08, UL 94 V-2 (PC opaque or PC transparent lid).

Complete enclosures in PC comply with fire safety standard UL 94 5V (better than V-0), although the material has only the classification V-2. There are nine bases with high-gloss surfaces and a range of different heights.

Accessories include internal hinges, wall-mounting brackets, security kits (for use with lead tags), grommets, pressure equalisation elements, mounting plates and DIN rails.

View IN-BOX range >>

Body-Case wearable enclosures

9. BODY-CASE (IP 65) – Advanced Ergonomic Wearable Enclosures

Wearable BODY-CASE is OKW’s first plastic enclosure to fit a standard 18 mm watchstrap. It can also be worn around your neck, clipped to clothing or carried loose in a pocket. The enclosure fulfils its function in the simplest way, without restricting the user in their activities or being conspicuous.

BODY-CASE comprises two high-gloss traffic white (RAL 9016) ASA sections separated by a soft-touch matt TPV sealing ring in either vermilion (RAL 2002) or lava (dark grey). The cases are assembled with Torx tamperproof screws. Power is supplied by round/button cells mounted directly on the PCB – or a battery that can be recharged inductively.

You can now specify BODY-CASE in three sizes ranging from 50 x 41 x 14 mm to 62 x 56 x 18 mm. All three sizes can be specified with or without a recessed top. Accessories include stations for charging and/or data transfer, station seals, an eyelet/pocket clip kit, key ring, wrist strap, spring bar tool, hand strap and lanyard.

View BODY-CASE range >>

Soft-Case handheld enclosures

10. SOFT-CASE – Wide-Format Enclosures For Handheld, Desktop And Wall-Mount Electronics

Wide-format SOFT-CASE is popular for a wide range of roles because it has a generous interface area and room for larger displays – while also ensuring user comfort. The raised panel on the wide edge provides lots of space for mounting connectors.

Optional intermediate rings (accessory) increase enclosure height to boost capacity. Choose from ABS (colour, chromated), infrared-permeable PMMA for remote control applications or soft touch SEBS/TPE (which increases ingress protection to IP 54).

SOFT-CASE is available with a battery compartment (2 x AAA, 2 x AA, 1 x 9 V) in three sizes (105 x 65 x 19 mm to 150 x 92 x 28 mm) and without one in four sizes (82 x 51 x 14 mm to 150 x 92 x 28 mm). The clip-on battery compartment lid can be screw fixed.

Versatile SOFT-CASE can be specified in ABS or PMMA (both UL 94 HB). The standard colours are off-white (RAL 9002), lava (dark grey) and black PMMA (RAL 9005). Accessories include combi-clips for wearability or wall mounting, a tilt foot bar for desktop use, ring eyelets, battery clips and a strap eyelet.

View SOFT-CASE range >>

Railtec B DIN Rail Enclosures

11. RAILTEC B – Versatile Standard DIN Rail Enclosures

Our RAILTEC B plastic enclosures can be mounted quickly and easily on standard DIN EN 60715 TH35 rails or fixed directly to walls. A wide range of versions is available for PCB terminal blocks (5.0/5.08 mm pitch), plug headers (5.0/5.08 mm pitch), front connectors and D-SUB connectors. All offer fast installation of PCBs and terminals. The range includes:

  • six sizes (2-12 modules wide)
  • low profile enclosures – four sizes (2, 4, 6 and 9 modules wide)
  • flat/high connection level enclosures – four sizes (2, 4, 6 and 9 modules wide).

PCBs can be fitted in all three directions (in the base with fixing pillars or in the top parts with guide ridges). The base has a DIN rail clip pre-assembled. A transparent cover (accessory) protects display and operation elements. RAILTEC B can be specified with (or without) ventilation slots for good heat dissipation.

A KNX cover fits 2 and 4 modules of series VI and flat top parts. An open case is also available, enabling the fitting of different combinations of terminal guards. Accessories include terminal blocks, plug headers, wall suspension elements, lids, front panels and terminal guards.

View RAILTEC B range >>

Railtec C DIN rail enclosures

12. RAILTEC C Modular DIN Rail Enclosures And Open PCB Holders

This extensive range of tough UL 94 V-0 enclosures can be fitted to TH35, TH15 and G32 rails – or panel-mounted. For PCB terminal blocks, plug headers and front connectors. PCBs can be positioned in all three directions. There is an optional frame for additional PCB positions. RAILTEC C is available in 1 to 12 module widths.

Choose from four versions:

  • Version I – front open, connection side with free through passage, without ventilation slots
  • Version II – front open, connection side with free through passage, with ventilation slots
  • Version III – front open, connection side with extended case wall, without ventilation slots
  • Version IV – front closed, connection side with free through passage, without ventilation slots.

Enclosures in this range include:

  • RAILTEC CB – for PCB plug headers (5.0 mm pitch) maximum 12-pin; connection possible from three sides; two standard widths; for TH35 and G32 rails
  • RAILTEC CV – with push-on terminal blocks, 16-pin (4 x 4 pins) in a 5 mm grid; without/with ventilation slots; for TH35 rails
  • RAILTEC CM – with eight connections on four levels; 17.5 mm standard module width; for TH35 rails (TH15 and G32 adapter available as an accessory)
  • RAILTEC CC – with 12 connections; removable front with integrated clips for labelling; for TH35 rails; TH15, G32 adapter (accessory)
  • RAILTEC Support – PCB holder; modular design for individual component mounting; for TH35, TH15 and G32 rails.

View RAILTEC C range >>

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