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Why EVOTEC Plastic Enclosures?

What makes an electronic enclosure popular? In a very crowded marketplace what sets one cuboid box apart from all the others? In the case of EVOTEC, the answer is very simple – curves. But then these are not just any curves…

In a world of angular boxes, EVOTEC’s curves pull off several very neat design tricks. Firstly, those sweeping soft contours look bigger than they actually are, thanks to some very clever bevelling on the lid. So they look and feel very comfortable without sacrificing too much space inside.

Secondly, those curves are timeless. So they look modern without shouting about it, without the risk of ever looking dated in a few years. And thirdly, they’re very discreet – so one electronic device housed in an EVOTEC enclosure will never appear to be a clone of another (especially with a few simple customisation flourishes). The end result is an enclosure that looks both brand new and reassuringly familiar – all at the same time.

This helps to explain why the EVOTEC range has been such a success for applications including measurement and control engineering, medical, laboratory and environmental technology, IT and IoT/IIoT. This popularity has prompted the addition of so many new sizes and variations since EVOTEC’s launch just a few years ago. And now there’s a new size: EVOTEC 125…