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Huge Range Of Enclosures And Tuning Knobs For Medical Electronics

With 42 different OKW enclosure models, six ranges of potentiometer tuning knobs – more than 3,000 different products – you have a huge choice of options when creating the next generation of advanced medical devices.

Medical electronics requires enclosures that meet extra design requirements. Housings must be highly ergonomic, cytotoxically safe, robust, tamperproof and capable of withstanding the punishing rigours of daily life within demanding clinical environments. And they must continue to look good day after day if they are to inspire the confidence of the clinicians and patients that depend on them.

OKW enclosures ensure your products look smart, modern, reliable and high value. Applications include:

  • wireless or wired remote controls
  • emergency systems, monitoring and signalling devices
  • portable solutions for personal protection and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • analysis, diagnostics and therapy equipment
  • monitoring systems and IoT
  • peripheral devices and data acquisition in the laboratory and in research.

OKW’s plastic enclosures are all characterised by ergonomic design, user-oriented functionality, high-quality moulding and finishes – and they can all be customised to your exact requirements. Customisation is simple because our off-the-shelf enclosures already offer so many innovative and practical design features and compatibility as standard. These include:

  • solutions for the power supply and installation of standardised displays
  • high protection classes
  • high-quality, easy-to-clean materials
  • recessed surfaces to protect keypads, displays and interfaces
  • a wide range of accessories – enabling you to provide the enclosures with additional functionality.

Handheld Enclosures For Medical Devices

There are 19 different models in OKW’s handheld enclosures range – so there’s no shortage of choice. These are some of our most popular handheld housings for medical electronics: