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Customised Handheld and Wearable Enclosures For Medical Devices

All OKW enclosures can be specified fully customised – so they can go straight from Goods In to your production line, ready for the installation of components. Customisation is now quicker, easier and more cost-effective than ever thanks to new technology. This also makes it available and viable in lower volumes.

OKW’s vast range of standard enclosures means it doesn’t take many customisation steps to transform an off-the-shelf case into a machined and fully branded housing that is ready for your PCBs. The full range of customisation services is available in-house – so you deal with a single supplier who is fully accountable for the finished product. This ensures quality, saves time and reduces administration. Services include:

  • CNC machining – milling, tapping, engraving, drilling, stamping, countersinking and tapping.
  • Lacquering – from matt to glossy, metallic and colour tones, soft-touch (such as artificial leather), antibacterial paint, ESD conductive lacquer to prevent electrostatic discharges.
  • Printing – photo-quality digital printing of legends, logos and graphics on plastic with a height difference up to 1.4 mm; screen and tampo printing defined according to RAL, many Pantone shades or your own sample.
  • Laser marking – ideal for small machine-readable markings such as QR codes, barcodes, DataMatrix codes, consecutive numbering of individual parts.
  • Decor foils – in batches from one unit. Again, with consecutive numbering, codes and technical specifications. Graduated colours are also available.
  • Special materials – specify enclosures moulded in flame-resistant V-0 plastic and/or in custom colours or translucent plastic.
  • EMC shielding – OKW’s ALVACOAT® is a 99.99% pure aluminium coating that is vaporised and applied in a high vacuum to a thickness of around 2.5 µm. Other coating thicknesses are also available. ALVACOAT is certified to the UL 746 C standard for polymeric materials.
  • Installation and assembly of enclosure accessories such as fitting cable glands, belt/pocket clips, tilt foot bars and wall suspension elements; applying keyboard and decor foils and display windows; mounting assemblies and installing components; assembly and packaging.

View 64 different examples of OKW’s customised enclosures for medical electronics. They include:

  • AAL assistance systems and access management in care facilities
  • nurse presence and staff alert systems, an emergency call system for patients
  • biofeedback and electromagnetic impulse therapy devices, biosignal simulators and measuring devices
  • pulse oximeters
  • dataloggers for neuromonitoring, HRV scanners for analysing the autonomic nervous system
  • portable ultrasound devices and telemetric ECG systems for vets.