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EVOTEC – Soft-Contoured Designer Desktop/Wall Enclosures

There are two versions of EVOTEC – flat or sloping (12°) top – and either one of these soft-contoured ergonomic designs is at home on a flat surface. But it’s the latter wedge-shaped version that’s best suited to desktop duties involving regular viewing and operation. And for that reason there’s a choice of sloping tops (flat or recessed).

Like so many of our recent models, EVOTEC is moulded from ASA+PC-FR for added protection against the Sun’s rays, even though it’s destined to spend its life indoors. That ensures it’ll stay looking great for longer while lesser plastics fade and weaken in the withering ultraviolet glare. All the cases are assembled with tamperproof Torx screws as standard – a must for medical devices. And options include IP 65 ingress protection.

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