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Desktop Enclosures For Touchscreens

All desktop enclosures must be easy to view and operate but touchscreens even more so because they can be prone to glare. OKW’s PROTEC (IP 65 optional) square-plan enclosures have a 20° sloping front for easy viewing and operation. Three versions offer either:

  • a large rear recess for connectors
  • a flush-fit cover that hides the recess
  • an extra-deep cover that doubles as a desk stand.

These modern desk and wall-mount enclosures offer plenty of space for components. The sealed electronics compartment has three board levels. None of the tamperproof Torx fixing screws is visible – they’re all concealed on the underside.

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But PROTEC isn’t the only desktop enclosure to offer a choice of versions. So too does EVOTEC (IP 65 optional) which is available with either a flat or sloping top. Soft-contoured EVOTEC’s large operating area is inclined by 12° for desktop applications and also for wall mounting. You can specify the sloping-top version of these ASA+PC-FR enclosures either with or without a recess.

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