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Wearables are a key growth area in electronics. And not just because of the popularity of smart watches. Fitness and biofeedback applications may be key drivers but they’re by no means the only markets.

Geolocation, emergency call, safety, digital communications, mobile data recording/transmission, measurement and control – there’s a world of applications waiting to be transformed by comfortable and convenient personal electronics.

These wearable devices must be highly ergonomic because they’ll be in direct contact with the human body for extended periods. And they must look great too, simply because they’re being worn.

At a fashion level, users want consumer electronics that look great (and make them look cool). And even with practical applications and the most pragmatic of end-users, that yearning for eye-catching aesthetics will always be there. So there can never be a compromise between functionality and looks: these devices must be smart in every sense of the word.

In the past that may have meant specifying fully bespoke enclosures – but now there’s an excellent choice of standard wearable housings that require very little customisation to make them truly unique