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How to specify wearable electronics enclosures


Wearables are a key growth area in electronics. And not just because of the popularity of smart watches. Fitness and biofeedback applications may be key drivers but they’re by no means the only markets.

Geolocation, emergency call, safety, digital communications, mobile data recording/transmission, measurement and control – there’s a world of applications waiting to be transformed by comfortable and convenient personal electronics.

These wearable devices must be highly ergonomic because they’ll be in direct contact with the human body for extended periods. And they must look great too, simply because they’re being worn.

At a fashion level, users want consumer electronics that look great (and make them look cool). And even with practical applications and the most pragmatic of end-users, that yearning for eye-catching aesthetics will always be there. So there can never be a compromise between functionality and looks: these devices must be smart in every sense of the word.

In the past that may have meant specifying fully bespoke enclosures – but now there’s an excellent choice of standard wearable housings that require very little customisation to make them truly unique


Body-Case wearable enclosures


As OKW’s first-ever enclosure designed to fit a standard 18 mm watch strap, BODY-CASE is a shining example of today’s new generation of wearables…and not just because of its easy-to-clean glossy finish.

For a start, it’s more than a watch-style enclosure: you can wear BODY-CASE on a lanyard, clip it to a belt or pocket, attach it to a key ring or carry it loose. And then there’s the soft-touch TPV sealing ring. Aside from adding a dash of colour, it also provides IP 65 ingress protection – a key consideration. There is a choice of tops: recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad, or unrecessed for something as simple as an LED for e-entry access control.

Power can be provided by PCB-mounted round/button cells. Or you could opt for an internal battery with inductive charging. The BODY-CASE range features docking stations as accessories – with the option of charging either single or multiple units.

View the BODY-CASE range >>


Minitec wearable electronics enclosures


‘Customisation as standard’ may sound like a contradiction in terms (and it pretty much is) but award-winning MINITEC begs to differ. This popular range of wearable enclosures is so large that that you’ll probably be able to find the enclosure you want as standard.

And if you do need any customisation then very little will be required because so many choices are available as standard. That means less work, lower costs and faster shipping times.

What makes this possible is the sheer number of permutations based on version/shape (‘Drop’ or ‘Edge’), size, plastic (ABS or infrared transparent PMMA) and the type and colour of the intermediate ring. These rings – most of them soft-touch SEBS/TPE – sit at the heart of the design (literally). They enable MINITEC to fit carrying straps, lanyards and key rings – or to accommodate USB cables. There’s also a strap eyelet (accessory) for belts.

View the MINITEC range >>


Ergo-Case wearable electronics enclosures


We can’t say which big movie ERGO-CASE appeared in because we’re sworn to secrecy. But it was a global blockbuster and part of a much-loved franchise. And it’s fair to say that ERGO-CASE’s ergonomic curves and light, robust construction were probably of great comfort to our mystery star because moviemaking is an exhausting business…even when you’re the hero.

ERGO-CASE is larger than BODY-CASE and MINITEC – which always creates an added challenge. Larger enclosures inevitably carry more electronic components, adding to the overall weight. So the requirement for each housing to be comfortable is even higher.

Let’s not forget, this is a wearable enclosure that’s also big enough to be specified for wall-mounted roles. And while size XS can be worn on the wrist, sizes S, M and L are destined for belts; it takes the right kind of body contouring on a larger enclosure to ensure that it never feels too bulky when being worn.

View the ERGO-CASE range >>



  • Which is the smallest enclosure? MINITEC D (‘Drop’ shape) – 51 x 32 x 13 mm.
  • Which is the largest? ERGO-CASE size L – 150 x 200 x 54/69 mm.
  • Which range offers the greatest choice of sizes? MINITEC D and E are each available as S, M and L enclosures – collectively giving you a choice of six different sizes.
  • Which model offers the greatest choice of standard colours? MINITEC – the cases are available in black PMMA, off-white ABS or lava ABS; the intermediate rings can be specified in a wide range of colours including black, white, volcano (grey), lava (grey), orange, green and blue.
  • Which model is the toughest? BODY-CASE is moulded from UV-stable ASA. MINITEC and ERGO-CASE are both ABS as standard. But like all OKW enclosures, they can be specified in ASA or other plastics as a custom order.
  • Which model has the best ingress protection? BODY-CASE (IP 65).
  • Which is best for remote controls? MINITEC – infrared transparent PMMA is available as standard.
  • Which model is available with a display window as standard? ERGO-CASE (size L).
  • Which has the widest variety of battery options? ERGO-CASE –  2 x AAA (S), 4 x AA, 1 x 9 V, 2 x 9 V (M and L).
  • Which model is easiest to charge? BODY-CASE can be specified for inductive charging. MINITEC’s intermediate rings include versions for USB charging.
  • Which model has the most accessories as standard? BODY-CASE, with 12 accessories including charging stations, a watch strap, a spring bar tool, an eyelet/pocket clip kit, a lanyard, seals and a key ring.
  • OKW also has a wide range of carrying accessories that can be fitted to our enclosures or other brands of housing. These accessories include ring eyelets, clips, belts and straps.


OKW customised enclosures


All OKW enclosures can be specified fully customised – ready for your electronics. They can go straight from Goods In to your production line for installation of components. Specifying customised standard enclosures is quicker and more cost-effective than opting for fully bespoke housings.

As a specialist enclosures manufacturer, OKW carries out customisation services in-house. So one supplier is accountable for the quality, consistency and delivery of your enclosures throughout the whole process. Higher quality, less administration, faster shipping.

OKW customisation services include CNC machining, lacquering, digital printing of legends, logos and photo-quality graphics, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, EMC shielding, installation and assembly of accessories.

View the full range of customising services >>





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