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‘Customisation as standard’ may sound like a contradiction in terms (and it pretty much is) but award-winning MINITEC begs to differ. This popular range of wearable enclosures is so large that that you’ll probably be able to find the enclosure you want as standard.

And if you do need any customisation then very little will be required because so many choices are available as standard. That means less work, lower costs and faster shipping times.

What makes this possible is the sheer number of permutations based on version/shape (‘Drop’ or ‘Edge’), size, plastic (ABS or infrared transparent PMMA) and the type and colour of the intermediate ring. These rings – most of them soft-touch SEBS/TPE – sit at the heart of the design (literally). They enable MINITEC to fit carrying straps, lanyards and key rings – or to accommodate USB cables. There’s also a strap eyelet (accessory) for belts.

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