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Wearble BODY-CASE enclosures

Body-Case can be worn just like a watch!

Wearable electronics devices are the future and OKW is at the cutting edge with another first: BODY-CASE.

These smart new ergonomic cases are OKW’s first fully wearable enclosures. They can be fitted with a standard 18 mm wrist strap — so it can be worn just like a watch! Or, they can be fitted with a belt/pocket clip or eyelet for a lanyard.

Increasing demand for body-mounted electronics will make BODY-CASE a very popular choice for designers. It can be worn on the wrist, clipped to a belt, suspended from a lanyard or carried loose.

BODY-CASE’s convenient size (55 x 46 x 17 mm) and comfortable contours enable wearers to use wireless electronics inconspicuously and with no restriction on their movements.

Specify BODY-CASE for applications including data logging and transmission, monitoring/tracking, emergency call/notification, bio-feedback sensors for health and fitness – or for any safety roles where keeping track of user movements is vital.

BODY-CASE is tough (IP 65/67) and extremely versatile. It can house touchscreens, push buttons or voice-activated electronics.

Power options include PCB-mounted round or button cells or a rechargeable battery with a copper loop for charging inductively. Each case comprises three parts: a top (recessed or non-recessed) with PCB location bars; a bottom section with four pre-moulded drilling centres to accommodate contact pins; a sealing ring.

The top and bottom are moulded from highly polished Traffic White (RAL 9016) ASA for superior UV resistance while the sealing ring is soft-touch TPE. Choose from Lava or Vermilion (RAL 2002).

A wide range of accessories are available at launch. They include a:

  • black silicone wrist strap (193 x 18 mm) with stainless steel buckle
  • spring bar tool
  • fastening kit featuring a belt/pocket clip, lanyard eyelet, two covers for closing one or both wrist strap attachments
  • Torx T6 screwdriver
  • lanyard (860 mm)

It is one of three models in the OKW wearable enclosures range. The others are MINITEC and ERGO-CASE.

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