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EVOTEC desktop enclosures

New EVOTEC designer table-top enclosures represent a big step forward for OKW…for a whole host of reasons.

The word ‘designer’ is a big clue because – as good as all our other desktop enclosures are – EVOTEC goes one better on several fronts.

EVOTEC takes high stability desktop enclosures to the next level. Quite simply, it’s not like other table-top electronic enclosures. Immediately apparent are the soft contours and gentle bevels. They don’t just look modern – they feel great to the touch. Just like a well designed handheld enclosure…but why should handheld cases have a monopoly on ergonomic comfort?

Nowhere is this more apparent than on the top panel.

Evotec wall mount enclosures

We liked the top so much that we made two – giving you the choice of a flat surface or a 12° incline as standard from day one. Each top offers you a large operating area with plenty of room for all your switches, pushbuttons and touch displays. And there are a couple of other technical features that make EVOTEC special …

EVOTEC is the only OKW desktop enclosure to be moulded from ASA+PC-FR as standard. All the others are ABS. Now ABS is tough but EVOTEC’s ASA blend features polycarbonate which is very strong indeed. It’s the plastic of choice for riot shields and CDs.

High quality ASA+PC-FR is also highly UV resistant. Not many enclosures designed primarily for indoor desktop use are moulded from this tough ‘outdoor’ plastic. But we take the view that many EVOTEC cases are destined for the medical and laboratory sectors where the quality bar is set high. The enclosures will have to survive and stay good looking in tough conditions.

Also, not every EVOTEC case will spend its life indoors. Mount the sloping top version on a wall instead of a desk and it makes a great access control keypad or display housing. So for that reason EVOTEC is also available with IP 65 sealing as an option – ensuring that your electronics stay dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Sealed Evotec enclosures

IP 65 protection also stands EVOTEC in good stead in indoor environments where liquid ingress is likely to be a hazard – such as test laboratories. Besides, sooner or later everyone spills their coffee.

You’ll notice a couple of other details too. All the cases are assembled using tamperproof Torx screws – a must for the medical market. And those screws are high quality stainless steel. Also, the cases feature screw pillars in both the base and lid – maximising your PCB installation options.

EVOTEC is available in one plan size (200 x 124 mm). 

You can specify EVOTEC enclosures fully customised and ready for your PCBs. Services include: CNC machining, EMC shielding, lacquering, printing of parts and labels, membrane keypads, display windows, and installation and assembly of components.

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