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EVOTEC - The new enclosure range for contemporary electronics

EVOTEC - The new enclosures for modern electronics

Innovative equipment requires an attractive visual appearance. This is because modern design will always enhance the visual quality of your products in the eyes of your customers. Factors like user-friendliness and stability are equally important to guarantee as great a variety of applications as possible.

The new EVOTEC enclosure range is perfect for contemporary handheld, desktop and wall mount electronics applications. With its robust construction and attractive design, this highly attractive range is ideal for tough working environments. In addition, the different operating faces offer enormous scope for customer design-in. In this Blog will look in detail at all the design features of this exciting new range of plastic enclosures.

Author: Oliver Herrlich, Research/Development at OKW.

EVOTEC enclosures for desktop, wall and DIN rail applications

Modern Design For Today's Electronics

The EVOTEC enclosure range has been given a particularly compact and robust design. Gentle contours with many different fine features guarantee an elegant visual impression which distinguishes it from comparable, often clunky looking desktop enclosures. Its robust design also offers a particularly high degree of stability. The corners of the plastic enclosure are characterised by large radii. The enclosure has a two-part design consisting of a top and bottom part, including an assembly kit. The enclosure is screwed together from the underside using corrosion-resistant stainless steel Torx screws. The Torx screws are suitable for medical applications where tooled access is a requirement. A recess is integrated in the centre of the bottom part – for example for fitting a product type/serial number label.

EVOTEC is available in an extensive range of sizes

Extensive range of sizes

This range of enclosures has a generously dimensioned operating panel on the front. There is sufficient space here for switches, pushbuttons or touch screen displays. A stable position, for example on a desk, is guaranteed by the standard rubber non-slip feet to the bottom part. To meet the requirements of many different applications, the enclosures are made of the UV-resistant, flame-resistant material ASA+PC-FR (UL 90 V-0). This makes them ideally suited for tough conditions. The standard colour is off-white (RAL 9002), other colours can be moulded or painted on request.

The EVOTEC can be used in many different desktop or wall mounted applications. The enclosures can also be mounted to DIN rail using the accessory mounting clip. Choose between a flat or sloping top panel, depending on which suits your application best. Eight standard sizes are available (width x depth x heights):

  • Size 80 (80 x 50 x 22 or 26 mm) - Flat top
  • Size 100 (100 x 62 x 26 or 31 mm) - Flat top
  • Size 150 (150 x 93 x 35 or 45 mm) - Flat top
  • Size 200 (200 x 124 x 45 mm) - Flat top or sloping top
  • Size 250 (250 x 155 x 55 mm) - Flat top or sloping top.

EVOTEC 200 and 250 are available with a flat top or with a sloping top (with/without a recess for a membrane keypad or product label). The sloping design makes it particularly pleasant to work with, and operating data can be recorded quickly and reliably.

EVOTEC is perfect for modern electronics including touch screens

Wide variety of applications

The EVOTEC enclosures are ideal for modern desktop applications. The enclosures can also be wall mounted when used in conjunction with the accessory wall mounting kit. Thanks to the versatile range of sizes and the choice of three top parts, many different customer requirements can be catered for. The particularly high degree of stability, the optional IP 65 sealing kit and the material used permit a wide range of applications, while offering sensitive electronic assemblies the best possible protection.
The enclosures can thus be used not only as control units in building installations, for example, but also in environments that demand more from the materials and the electronics. Control units for machines or data acquisition equipment would thus be possible. Further applications include IIoT, SMART factory, measurement and control technology, medical and laboratory devices as well as environmental technology.

The two sloping front versions are available with and without a recessed area for membrane keypads or product labels. The elements are thus protected and are flush with the top side of the enclosure.

Thanks to its height, the EVOTEC has a large interface panel on the rear of the top part, ideal for D-SUB connectors, round plugs etc. The flat surfaces are particularly practical, allowing the enclosure to be used in a wide variety of ways. It also offers special protection from dust and water splashes. Thanks to an accessory sealing kit, the enclosure range achieves the high protection class IP 65. In conjunction with the material used and the corrosion-free screws, this provides a high quality safety standard. PCBs can be installed in both the top and bottom part using the screw pillars provided inside. Accessory self-tapping screws are available as accessories for fitting the PCBs and assemblies.

EVOTEC can be customized to customer specifications

EVOTEC Modified To Customer Requirements

EVOTEC enclosures can be modified according to individual customer specifications. OKW offers a wide spectrum of options which can be implemented in-house at short notice. These are, for example, special colours in accordance with customers' CI guidelines, a functional EMC aluminium coating on the inside of the enclosure for applications that require shielding, machining of cutouts and holes for interfaces, silk screen and digital printing of legends, logos and CMYK images, the production and fitting of digital printed labels, assembly electronic parts and much more.

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EVOTEC Product advantages in brief

  • Moulded in high-quality UV-stable ASA+PC-FR plastic
  • Cases assembled with Torx drive stainless steel screws.
  • 12 sizes – the 200/250 versions are available either with a flat top part or as desktop versions with an operating panel ergonomically inclined by 12°.
  • Desktop version with smooth top or with a recessed area for protecting a membrane keypad or decor foil.
  • Seal for protection class IP 65 available as an accessory.
  • Screw pillars provided in the top and bottom parts for fitting PCBs.
  • Can be wall mounted using the accessory kit.
  • Accessory DIN rail fastening element.

EVOTEC Technical Video

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