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Why SKILLQUBE Chose OKW’s CARRYTEC Plastic Enclosures

How Skillcube specified Carrytec enclosures for its medical simulators



Simulators are not just for training airline pilots. Doctors and other clinicians are also using sophisticated simulation technology to hone their medical skills – and they’re training with devices housed in enclosures manufactured and customised by OKW.

What has been practice for pilots for decades is increasingly becoming part of everyday work in the medical industry: practical training and simulations help to precisely train clinicians’ hand movements and treatment methods while they work as a team – and to anchor processes intuitively through constant repetition.


Medical simulator in OKW's CARRYTEC enclosure



SKILLQUBE GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of simulation technologies and user courses. The company was founded in 2013. At its base in Wiesloch, Baden-Württemberg, SKILLQUBE is constantly developing new technology and bringing it into production. The company's core competencies include developing simulation software for displaying patient monitors or defibrillators from emergency services and clinical environments.

These simulation devices help with realistic and safe training. Trainers from all over the world use this technology to improve the knowledge and skill of medical professionals. This ensures they are best prepared for emergencies – enabling them to provide high-quality emergency care, even under challenging conditions.


OKW's standard CARRYTEC enclosures



When searching for a suitable enclosure to accommodate its electronic components and touch displays, SKILLQUBE became aware of OKW’s wide range of standard enclosures and customisation services. It was a good opportunity to work with a reliable partner based nearby. This was the basis for the first series of devices in a new simulation system – qube3.

New qube3’s technical features include:

  • a fully functioning electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor with integrated automated external defibrillator (AED) function
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) feedback and dynamic 12-lead ECG
  • a wireless control unit for instructors
  • an external skill trainer for auscultation (listening to sounds inside the body) and for measuring the patient’s blood sugar and temperature levels.

OKW’s CARRYTEC handheld enclosure – size M in the standard off-white (RAL 9002) – was used for the qube3. CARRYTEC M offers plenty of space for components. It measures 270 x 247 x 91 mm with a large, flat surface for displays (up to 10.4”/26 cm). Despite its size, CARRYTEC can be carried and operated ergonomically, thanks to its robust integrated handle with soft-touch TPE insert. Two recessed areas on the sides protect any interfaces. SKILLQUBE uses special side pockets (accessory) to store cables and connection lines. OKW custom machined the necessary apertures for the iPad and cable connectors.

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Robust CARRYTEC enclosures for medical simulators



Over time, SKILLQUBE has expanded its product portfolio to include a wide range of variants to reflect the equipment produced by well-known manufacturers of defibrillators and ventilators. As a result, the requirements for the enclosures have increased accordingly:

  • greater volume to integrate larger displays
  • high-quality UV-resistant material so training can also be delivered outdoors.

The newer qubeZERO device series is the latest simulation system from the qubeSERIES. It includes everything necessary for a realistic exercise. The device integrates perfectly with the controller, assessment and the cloud – providing detailed and successful simulations. Various integrated views offer a wide range of practical training exercises. In addition to a 12-lead ECG with pacer and integrated real-time CPR feedback, the qubeZERO also has an AED and manual defibrillator.

SKILLQUBE specified the larger CARRYTEC version L for the qubeZERO. CARRYTEC L is 348 x 303 x 117 mm with a display diagonal of 13.3"/33.8 cm. , It is moulded from high-quality ASA-PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in the standard colour lava which is similar to anthracite grey. Customisation included CNC machining plus the manufacture and installation of strips, covers and a mounting plate for an iPad.


OKW CARRYTEC enclosures modified for Skillcube simulators



For future device series, SKILLQUBE would like to specify CARRYTEC’s soft TPE grip pad in a custom colour. The pad is currently in OKW’s standard colour orange but SKILLQUBE is considering specifying it in red to match its branding. This special production is available on request, based on a minimum quantity.

Thanks to the expert advice of OKW, the existing standard products of the CARRYTEC range can be adapted to the individual needs of SKILLQUBE and developed further. In this way, OKW also contributes to the qualitative training of medical professionals all over the world. OKW and SKILLQUBE have maintained a partnership that has lasted for years – regularly adding and implementing new projects and ideas together.

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