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3. Material Change – For An Ever Changing World

For years ABS has been the ‘go-to’ choice for plastic enclosures. It’s strong, dependable and easy to mould – what’s not to like? But now there are some new choices to challenge its supremacy…
UV-stable ASA offers excellent resistance to the harmful effects of sunlight. It’s also robust – especially when you blend in polycarbonate to create ASA+PC-FR. ASA enclosures in a high gloss finish are easy to keep clean and they look stunning. Especially in gleaming traffic white (RAL 9016). Find out more in our guide to plastics.

And then there are extruded aluminium enclosures. OKW is a manufacturer traditionally associated with plastic cases – but we broke new ground when we created the award-winning SYNERGY range and now we have just launched our new SMART-TERMINAL extruded control enclosures. Aluminium and plastic in perfect harmony. And not just any aluminium…high grade AlMgSi 0.5 blasted with glass beads to create an ultra-luxurious finish.