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December 2019

SMART-CONTROL Corners The Market!

Distinctive but discrete SMART-CONTROL is OKW’s brand new go-to enclosure for IoT/IIoT readers, security, monitoring and control technology. Discover OKW’s new angle on wall mounted enclosures.

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November 2019

Industry 4.0: Integrating Production And ICT - OKW ENCLOSURES

The rapidly increasing digitisation of the economy and society leads to Industry 4.0. People, machines, equipment, logistics and products should be able to communicate and cooperate directly with each other. This is intended to integrate production and logistics intelligently between companies in the same production process – making it more effective and more flexible.

This creates value-added chains, which also include all phases of the product life cycle – from the idea to development, production, usage and maintenance, right through to recycling. Customer wishes are incorporated from the product idea up to and including the service.

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November 2019

How To Stop Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Stop electromagnetic interference by specifying OKW’s EMC shielded enclosures. Our in-house vapour plating uses 99.99% pure aluminium Alvacoat® (2.5 µm thickness), certified to UL 746C. Learn how EMC shielding works and how to comply with EU and UK regulations.

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September 2019


Oliver Herrlich, Development Engineer at OKW Gehäusesysteme looks at the unique design features of our new PROTEC square plastic enclosures.

PROTEC has a square basic shape with plenty of space for fixtures and fittings. Because of this, the new enclosure range is ideal for wall-mounted applications or as a modern desktop device. The ergonomically favourable inclination of 20° allows optimum operation of the terminal units and makes it very easy to read the data, even at different distances and angles.

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August 2019

Designing OKW Products Is A Discipline For Masters

Industrial designer Martin Nußberger – owner of independent design office polyform – has been working with OKW for more than 20 years. He outlines the unique set of design challenges involved in creating OKW’s next generation of standard electronic enclosures…

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July 2019

Enclosures For Smart Sensors Applications

The fourth industrial revolution, or "Industry 4.0" for short, has already begun, even if many people are not really aware of this. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that most people have already heard of it, but many are struggling with the definition and its real impact on day-to-day working life. In addition, the topical subjects of IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are mentioned in the same breath as Industry 4.0. This makes things a little more complex. Kay Kirmer, Head of Marketing at OKW Gehäusesysteme discusses these developments and how OKW enclosures are being used in this whole new field.

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June 2019


What if you could clip any small plastic enclosure to a standard DIN rail? Even cases not designed for the purpose. Now you can. Read how our new DIN rail adapters make it quick and easy – saving you time and maximising space.

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April 2019


Gain a competitive advantage by housing your electronics in these award-winning enclosures from OKW. Learn why judges named these plastic and metal cases the best – and how they can give your products the ‘wow’ factor.

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