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DIN rail adapters for enclosures

What if you could clip any small plastic enclosure to a standard DIN rail? Any small enclosure – even one not designed specifically for the purpose. Now you can – with the right adapter.

No longer do you have to use rail-specific enclosures (or fit another enclosure ‘off-rail’ elsewhere in the cabinet). Our new DIN rail adapters make it quick and easy for you – saving time and maximising space.

Compare these adapters and see which is best for your application…

DIN rail adapter B6811751

New DIN Rail Adapter (B6811751)

This new adapter is our most versatile to date. It fits TH35, TH15 and G32 rails. Simply screw the adapter to the back of your chosen enclosure (wall thickness 3 mm) using the two supplied screws. The product page offers you the option to download a pdf datasheet that includes the location holes. Or – if you’re specifying an OKW enclosure for the application – you can ask for it to be supplied with pre-drilled location holes. This new adapter is moulded from black (RAL 9005) PA 66, a high performance polyamide plastic that is tough and also resistant to high temperatures (262°C). It is self-extinguishing with a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 (test samples must burn no longer than an average of five seconds with none burning more than 10 seconds).

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DIN rail adapter B1300017

New Fastening Element For DIN Rails (B1300017 and B1300019)

This fastening element is also new but differs from the previous adapter; it will fit only TH35 and G32 rails – not TH15 rails. It was designed specifically for OKW’s:

  • TOPTEC (from size 123 F/H) – vented/unvented enclosures that allow pre-assembled PCBs with protruding connectors to be mounted directly into the case. This reduces installation times because you don’t have to wire in the connectors after mounting the PCB in the case.
  • ROBUST-BOX (IP 66) universal enclosures – both case shells have pre-moulded threads so you can decide whether the high or the flat section is the bottom.

Choose from a wide range of sizes and configurations and two standard materials (ABS or PC). The new element will also fit a wide range of other small OKW plastic enclosures, notably our EVOTEC designer table-top cases that are soft contoured for superior ergonomics. Choose from a sloping (recessed/unrecessed) or flat (unrecessed) top. Like the other new DIN rail adapter, the new element is supplied with two fitting screws. It is moulded from polyamide PA 6 which has a higher impact resistance than PA 66 but a lower melting point (222°C, UL 94 V-0). Choose from two standard colours: off-white (B1300017, RAL 9002) or black (B1300019, RAL 9005).

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DIN rail adapter B6811542

RAILTEC-C DIN Rail Adapter (B6811542)

Our third adapter is an existing product that enables you to fit our RAILTEC-C TH35 DIN rail enclosures to TH15 and G32 rails. It is easy to use, simply clipping into place – no screws are required. The adapter fits 18 different DIN rail enclosures from the RAILTEC-C range, from one module (17.5 x 90 x 58 mm) to four modules (71 x 90 x 58 mm). It is moulded from green PA 6 (UL 94 V-0).

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