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Customised plastic electronic enclosures

Specifying custom enclosures for your electronics usually means asking for more – such as CNC machining, better flammability resistance, a higher IP rating, EMC shielding, foils and printing.

Often you just want your enclosures in a non-standard colour. Not ‘more’, just ‘different’; a colour that sets your cases apart from the default livery.

But sometimes, specifying custom PCB cases means asking for less…

The Power Of ‘Less’

Asking for less is usually driven by financial pragmatism. You’re not cutting corners. You’re not under-engineering. You’re simply trying to avoid over-specification. Perhaps you like a particular model from our range of plastic enclosures. It’s pretty much perfect for your application – but maybe one feature exceeds your requirements. So why pay for something you don’t need?

Just ask us how much the enclosure would cost if we didn’t include the features that are superfluous to your needs. It’s important feedback for our designers so we very much welcome your thoughts.

Sometimes asking for ‘less’ on a particular enclosure makes such good sense that it becomes a popular choice among customers. So much so that we end up introducing it as a standard option.

Here are three examples…

Embedded pc enclosures

Example 1: SMART-TERMINAL Enclosures For Embedded Systems

New SMART-Terminal is designed for high end central control applications. It comprises an extruded aluminium case with two plastic end covers that are recessed to protect connectors and switches.

The deep recesses also serve a second purpose. They help to conceal the four fixing screws on each side – further enhancing the overall aesthetics. But what If you’re specifying SMART-TERMINAL as part of an embedded system? What if the cases are destined to sit in a larger enclosure or cabinet? In this scenario the attractive plastic end covers are less important. In fact, they will take up more space.

That is why we launched SMART-TERMINAL with flat aluminium end plates as a standard option. They require less space inside the cabinet – and the fixing screws are all visible (making it easier to reach them when the enclosure is embedded).

View Smart-Terminal range >>

Datec-Compact enclosures

Example 2: Seal Or No Seal? Contacts Or Contactless?

DATEC-COMPACT (IP 65) handheld enclosures feature optional contacts which can be fitted on request.

They’re designed for mobile data recording, measuring and control, medical and laboratory technology. So users will be operating them on the move. That means easy recharging is a ‘must’. Hence the factory-fitted contacts and standard charging stations.

But what if you’re opting for the increasingly popular option of induction charging? Or you don’t need a docking station because you’ll be using a side-mounted jack socket instead? In those scenarios you won’t need contacts – so we offer contactless DATEC-COMPACT cases as standard too.

And if you prefer, you can delete the standard IP 65 seal too. Just specify seal-less DATEC-COMPACT as standard (IP 41).

View Datec-Compact range >>

Carrytec plastic enclosures

Example 3: Slimmer CARRYTEC Handheld Cases

CARRYTEC is one of OKW’s largest cases. In fact, it’s the biggest of all the 18 models of handheld enclosures we offer – so large that it can be inverted and attached to a suspension arm.

Size L is the largest CARRYTEC. At 348 x 303 x 117 mm, it’s bordering on an attaché case. Sizes S and M are fairly deep too at 80 mm and 91 mm respectively.

But what if you want something slimmer to house a tablet? You’ll need a tough enclosure:

  • with a robust, integrated handle for easy portability
  • that offers IP 54 protection as an option
  • that is moulded from either ABS or UV-stable ASA+PC-FR.

That’s where CARRYTEC M Slim comes in. Its plan size is 270 x 247 just like CARRYTEC M. But it’s only 42 mm deep ( instead of M’s 91 mm) – making it ideal for mounting a tablet.

View Carrytec range >>

Customised plastic enclosures

Specify Custom Enclosures The Easy Way

In the past, custom electronic enclosures were generally an expensive choice – especially plastic enclosures because of all the costly retooling involved. That put custom cases out of reach for those needing only small volumes.

Not anymore.

Now you can customise a standard enclosure. It’s quicker, easier and more cost effective. And you’re more likely to find the right enclosure for your application because our range is so large. So always ask us about customisation options. They can save you time and money – especially if you want us to remove a standard feature as outlined above.

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