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Enclosures for displays and touch screens


Touch screens and other electronic displays need special consideration when specifying a protective enclosure. As anyone who’s ever dropped a mobile phone knows all too well, these screens can be fragile (and yet sometimes surprisingly tough).

Capacitive touch screen control panels also tend to raise higher expectations among end users, despite the seeming ubiquity of this technology. Put simply, a device with a touch screen generally has more cachet among end users than one without.

So the display’s plastic enclosure – aside from being strong and resilient – must also reflect those consumer perceptions. They expect excellent ergonomics because they’ll be hands-on users – navigating menus, inputting data and scrolling in ways that have become second nature to us all.

These users won’t tolerate any vestiges of flimsiness or cheapness in the housing. And for that reason, the aesthetics and build quality are as crucial as the ergonomics. The housing must frame and showcase the technology – but with an understatement that does not detract from the screen itself.

So any off-the-shelf enclosure must look and feel far from ‘standard’. It must be suited exactly to its intended application and location – be it a handheld, desktop or wall-mount touch screen enclosure. And yet it must remain versatile and discreet. Fortunately, all the following display enclosures do precisely that…

SLIM-CASE enclosures


Handheld enclosures that house a large display will face inevitable comparisons with a user’s beloved mobile phone. So contoured SLIM-CASE (IP 65) applies sleek cellphone-style looks to devices that are somewhat bulkier than the average iPhone or Android handset.

Closer inspection reveals a curved back that offers more space for components than the enclosure’s svelte appearance might initially suggest – courtesy of some neat design trickery that fools the eye in a good way. Those curves also make SLIM-CASE very comfortable to hold when viewing or operating touch screens up to 4" (10 cm).

Like a mobile phone, these off-white ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) housings feature almost frameless design. But unlike a cellphone, they can be specified with a TPE intermediate ring that adds an extra 3 mm of height and lots of soft-touch comfort.

View the SLIM-CASE range >>

DATEC-COMPACT enclosures


Robust DATEC-COMPACT (IP 65) is a world away from the fragility of the modern mobile phone. These ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) enclosures are designed very much for harsh outdoor environments – and to be operated with gloves if need be. They are assembled using tamperproof Torx screws, which makes them ideal for medical technology where this is a key requirement.

Again there is a large, recessed operating area on the top for installing a display or membrane keypad. And for versions with a battery compartment (AA/AAA x 3), it is possible to install SD cards and USB connectors in the sealed area for added protection. Accessories include wall holders, along with desk stations and spring contacts for easy charging and data transfer. Choose from three sizes (136 x 74 x 32 mm to 206 x 110 x 47 mm).

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CARRYTEC enclosures


We’ve often described CARRYTEC (IP 54) as the electronic enclosure equivalent of an attaché case. It’s an obvious comparison, thanks to this model’s distinctive integral handle (which has a soft-touch insert for added comfort).

CARRYTEC is large and capacious – big enough to be mounted (inverted) on a suspension arm. With three main sizes (S, M, L) from 222 x 205 x 80 mm to 348 x 303 x 117 mm, these enclosures can accommodate 8.4"/21 cm, 10.4"/26 cm and 13.4"/34 cm screens. There’s also a slimline version of size M (270 x 247 x 42 mm) for tablets. All sizes are available in either off-white ABS (RAL 9002) for indoor use or lava grey ASA+PC for the outdoor applications.

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EVOTEC enclosures


With its rounded corners and smooth bevelling, EVOTEC (IP 65) may look comfortable enough to be handheld – but actually it’s a desktop (or wall-mount or DIN rail mountable) enclosure. And there are plenty of options to choose from.

But it’s Version III – the sloping-front variant with the recessed top – that’s most likely to interest designers needing to house a display. Its operating area is inclined at an ergonomic 12° for ease of viewing and operation. Torx assembly screws deter tampering.

Like all EVOTEC enclosures, Version III is moulded from off-white ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) for added UV stability – even though it’s likely to spend all its life indoors. Choose from three sizes (150 x 93 x 36 mm, 200 x 124 x 45 mm, 250 x 155 x 54 mm), the largest two of which can also be specified with an unrecessed top.

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PROTEC enclosures


With its large all-but-frameless operating area and generous wedge-shaped main case, PROTEC (IP 65) is the perfect choice for devices that have a large display and a lot of circuitry to house. And it looks great on either desks or walls – so units can be installed throughout a building and they’ll all match.

At 20°, the angle of inclination on PROTEC’s sloping front is slightly more pronounced than it is for EVOTEC. PROTEC is available in three versions:

  • Version I has a deep recess to protect interfaces and connectors.
  • Version II offers more by covering this recess with a flush-fitting panel.
  • Version III provides yet more space by extending the panel cover.

PROTEC is moulded from off-white ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) for UV stability. Assembly is with Torx screws. Choose from three sizes: 140 x 140/160 x 76 mm, 180 x 180/201 x 92 mm and 220 x 220/243 x 108 mm).

View the PROTEC range >>

SMART-PANEL enclosures


Wall-mount touch screen enclosures are seldom more understated than SMART-PANEL. By the time you’ve fitted it in a flush-mounted or cavity wall box and installed a touch screen, all that remains is a beautifully discreet frame in traffic white (RAL 9016).

SMART-PANEL’s bottom section is highly polished while the top has a fine surface structure. Contemporary curved corners complete the look. One end has a flat, recessed area for adding USB or mini-USB connectors. Assembly is screwless for swift installation. Reopening is with a special tool set (accessory).

SMART-PANEL is now available in three plan sizes: 84 x 84 mm, 114 x 114 mm and 155 x 84 mm – all 21.3 mm deep. The enclosures are moulded from ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0). Accessories include glass panels (which can be rear printed on request), adhesive foils and push-in phenolic resin hardboard plates to help protect the electronics (if required) during installation.

View the SMART-PANEL range >>

SOLID-BOX enclosures


With an IK 08 impact rating and IP 66/IP 67 ingress protection, aptly named SOLID-BOX is the display enclosure to specify for harsh environments. These PC+ABS housings have a large, recessed display area on top – with lots of space for components inside.

Mounting points at the rear of sizes 145 and 175 match the hole patterns of VESA MIS-D 75/100. Or SOLID-BOX can be fitted directly to walls. It also looks good on desks and tabletops; a set of four soft-touch SEBS/TPE feet is available as an accessory.

Snap-on trims conceal all the captive Torx fixing screws. At the sides, the bottom section has deep recesses on the long sides to protect connectors and switches. There are three sizes (135 x 115 x 50 mm, 180 x 145 x 60 mm, 225 x 175 x 70mm) and two standard colours: light grey (RAL 7035) and anthracite grey (RAL 7016).

View the SOLID-BOX range >>



Modular INTERFACE-TERMINAL (IP 54) offers a wealth of possibilities for housing touch screens and other displays: 6.4" (16 cm), 8.4" (21 cm) and 10.4" (26 cm). There are seven different versions:

  • mobile with battery compartment (AA x 5)
  • mobile without battery compartment
  • mobile with docking station
  • mobile with wall mounting
  • desktop with screw-type connection
  • desktop/wall-mountable
  • flush-fit installation (for historic and architecturally sensitive locations).

They all feature a large recessed operating area. Some have an ergonomically inclined base for desktop or wall-mount electronics. This (20°) sloping base offers space for connectors and cable glands.

It’s simply a matter of configuring your desired enclosure from the various system components: bases, bottom sections, covers, glass panels and aluminium front panels. Options include a cover and front panel designed specifically for mounting an iPad Air tablet. INTERFACE-TERMINAL is moulded from off-white ABS (UL 94 HB) as standard.

View the INTERFACE-TERMINAL range >>

Customised display enclosures


All OKW touch screen and display enclosures can be specified fully customised – ready for the installation of your PCBs and other components. We carry out all the work in-house to ensure consistently high quality throughout the process. Customisation services include machining, lacquering, printing, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, EMC shielding and installation/assembly of accessories.

Learn more about customised enclosures >>


Contact OKW for expert advice on specifying standard or customised enclosures for your displays and other electronics. Request a sample to see OKW’s high quality for yourself.