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EASYTEC is a small pole-mountable enclosure for sensors. Its technical features include a curved recess on the rear section (to accommodate the pole) and mounting lugs that enable it to be cable-tied in place quickly and easily. But the lugs also feature screw holes so EASYTEC is equally at home on flat surfaces too.

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The list goes on: CARRYTEC is an instrumentation attaché case  that can also house a tablet or be mounted (inverted) on a suspension arm…ART-CASE is a wall-mount/desktop housing with an optional Euro plug module…BODY-CASE is a wristwatch-style enclosure that can also be clipped to a belt/pocket, attached to a key ring or worn on a lanyard. And then there are enclosures such as INTERFACE-TERMINAL, which offers a whole host of possibilities in one model  because it’s modular – you create the housing you want by specifying different components.

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