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High-Performance Plastic Enclosures For Measuring, Control And Automation Electronics

Specifying enclosures for measurement and control electronics


Why Standard/Customisable Plastic Enclosures

Measuring, control and automation have always been key applications for OKW enclosures. Electronics designers need a wide selection of standard enclosures that can be customised quickly and easily to meet a plethora of challenges.

These enclosures must be able to protect extremely sensitive electronics in demanding industrial environments and in the hot, cold, wet and windswept outdoors. They must be tough enough to take the hard knocks but still remain comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing – enhancing the electronics they house.

Applications include:

  • mobile data recording and transmission
  • voltage detectors and digital thermometers in measuring and control engineering
  • data logging for temperature, humidity, voltage, pressure and CO2
  • electronic and electro-technical control units in outdoor facilities – either stationary or mobile
  • sensor technology and opto-electronics such as control and alarm equipment
  • Smart Factory, Industry 4.0
  • system modules in automation technology.

Such diverse challenges require a huge range of enclosures – enabling you to find a standard housing to suit your requirements with very little customisation needed. And today’s standard enclosures don’t look or feel generic. They give you the best of both worlds: they’re highly specialised – and yet incredibly versatile. (The NET-BOX example featured later in this blog post is a prime example.)

You don’t need to opt for a fully bespoke housing. Specify a proven off-the-shelf model instead…then make it look unique with just a little customisation. All of which can be done by OKW as a single-source supplier. Get high-performance enclosures quickly, easily and within your budget – even in the low volumes traditionally associated with highly specialist electronics.

See examples of OKW customised enclosures for measuring, control and automation. You’ll see 20 different examples of handheld, wall-mount and desktop enclosures – all fully customised and branded to house finished products. Devices include meters, controllers, scanners, testers, loggers and measuring stations.


Handheld And Portable Enclosures For Measuring, Control And Automation

On the one hand (no pun intended), there’s CARRYTEC, OKW’s largest attaché-case-style enclosures. And on the other, there’s MINITEC – an award-winning enclosure that’s so small you can wear it around your neck or clip it on a key ring. And then there’s everything else in between. Here are four examples from OKW’s 19-strong range of handheld enclosures. They’re perfect for measuring, control and automation…


Carrytec measurement enclosures


CARRYTEC (IP 54 optional) is built to be tough. Its distinctive handle is integrated for added strength (with a soft insert for extra comfort). Technical features also include a large top recess for a display or membrane keypad, along with inset areas on the underside to protect interfaces. CARRYTEC is moulded from dependable ABS – or specify it in UV-stable ASA+PC-FR for outdoor use. Accessories include docking stations for charging/data transfer.

Here’s CARRYTEC being used to house an air velocity meter. An integrated rechargeable battery enables long-term mobile operation.

View the CARRYTEC range >>


Datec-Compact measurement enclosures


DATEC-COMPACT (IP 65 optional) is a small but robust enclosure with integrated battery contacts as standard. SD cards can be inserted within the optional sealed battery compartment (AA, AAA) to protect your offline data from the elements. ASA+PC-FR comes as standard for maximum durability and UV stability. Assembly is with tamperproof Torx screws. Gigahertz-Optik specified DATEC-COMPACT for its MSC15 spectral light meter for measuring illuminance and light colour.

View the DATEC-COMPACT range >>


Datec-Control measurement enclosures


DATEC-CONTROL (IP 54 optional) is a well-balanced enclosure with a large head section (for installing bigger display modules) and a narrow holding area for optimum user comfort. Four sizes together offer a wide choice of battery options (2/3/4/5 x AA, 1 v 9 V). Protectors (accessory, with optional strap) absorb impacts and safeguard surfaces from wear. Accessories also include wall suspension elements and two types of docking station. Here’s DATEC-CONTROL housing a pretension tester for V-belts and toothed belts...

View the DATEC-CONTROL range >>


Senso-Case measurement enclosures


SENSO-CASE also offers a generous display area and a comfortable handgrip but it has a couple of extra USPs: an optional trigger, and a large front face for mounting sensors. Like DATEC-CONTROL, it too balances perfectly in the hand thanks to ergonomic design and a well-placed centre of gravity. The battery options are 2 x AA or 1 x 9 V. Accessories include wall holders and a ring eyelet. See SENSO-CASE being used as a scanner for testing live switchgear for partial discharge.  

View the SENSO-CASE range >>


Wall-Mount And Desktop Enclosures For Measuring And Control


Protec measurement/control enclosures


PROTEC (IP 65 optional) is an ASA+PC-FR square control centre that’s available in three versions, offering a choice of:

  • Version I – with a deep recessed interface area to protect connectors
  • Version II – with a snap-on flush cover to conceal the recessed area
  • Version III – with an extra-deep cover that provides extra space and doubles as a desk stand.

Soft contours make PROTEC smart and ergonomic. The front operating panel is inclined by 20° for optimum viewing and ease of operation. There are no visible fixing screws, they’re on the underside.

View the PROTEC range >>


Smart-box measurement/control enclosures


SMART-BOX is very much at home in demanding industrial environments thanks to its robust construction, its IP 66 ingress protection rating and its ASA+PC-FR UV stability. Hinged trims conceal the mounting shafts. Straps retain the recessed lid to aid installation in difficult locations. Inside there are pillars for PCBs and DIN rails. Read why Rinck Electronics specified SMART-BOX for its CT-20 universal temperature controller.

View the SMART-BOX range >>


Net-Box measurement/control enclosures


NET-BOX (IP 65 optional) was originally created as a vertical wall-mount enclosure for control units and network nodes. But here it is mounted horizontally on a tripod as a magnetometer-based station for field measurements. Slim, stylish NET-BOX conceals connectors under the front lid. An optional infill cover creates extra space for components.

View the NET-BOX range >>


PROTEC, NET-BOX and SMART-BOX are all suitable for either wall mounting or desktop use. Non-slip rubber feet are available for all three models.


Easytec measurement/control enclosures


EASYTEC sensor enclosures are designed principally for poles and rails – courtesy of a curved channel on the base and two lugs for cable ties. But those lugs also feature screw holes so EASYTEC can be mounted easily on walls or any other flat surface. PCBs can be installed in the top or bottom. IP 65 protection is optional.

New EASYTEC is ideally suited to leading-edge IoT/IIoT, measuring, control and automation applications. Read about EASYTEC being used to house a data logger with gateway function.

View the EASYTEC range >>


Customising Standard Enclosures

All OKW enclosures can be fully customised in-house. Dealing with one expert supplier accountable for the entire process ensures quality and saves you time and money. Customisation services include CNC machining, lacquering, decor foils, photo-quality digital printing, special materials, EMC shielding and assembly/installation of accessories – so your finished enclosures can go straight to the production line.

Find out more here about specifying customised electronic enclosures for measuring, control and automation.

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